Our brands

The Mantu brands are a collaborative, supportive network of businesses. Our brands create synergies, share expertise, and work together to ensure we achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Amaris Consulting delivers high added value technology consulting services for our clients on an international scale.

Federico Corsi

CEO, Amaris Consulting

Arneo is a creative digital agency that addresses all digital challenges from consultation to design and supports its clients throughout their digital transformation process.
Jérôme Deshaie
CEO, Arneo
Albin Porcheret
CEO, Arneo

LittleBig Connection creates a  transparent link between all companies and stakeholders so they can team up more easily than ever.

Constance Nevoret
CEO, Littlebig Connection

Novelab develops original immersive experiences for organizations that want to bring their concepts, events, and spaces to life.

Romain Caciano

Operational Director, Novelab

Portalia helps talented individuals become independent while supporting them at every stage of their career.

Caroline Decré

Managing Director, Portalia 

Revibe offers innovative approaches and skills to support every type of corporate event.

Frédéric Charpentier

Director, Revibe

 Valuement is an international consulting company that specializes in retail business processes and data analysis.  

Stefano Frassà

CEO, Valuement

WEMEAN gives real meaning, purpose and impact to leaders and companies within our society.

Guillaume Jubin

President and Partner, Wemean