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Our financial services expertise ensures you master the convergence of tech innovation and regulatory demands, safeguarding your competitive edge.

Today’s banking & financial services macro landscape: a swiftly transforming environment.

Banks and financial institutions are facing unprecedented turmoil. In the midst of a global economic slowdown, marked by sharp geographical and geopolitical divergences, their ability to generate revenue while keeping costs under control is being called into question more than ever.

The emergence of disruptive technologies, such as generative AI and blockchain, is compelling financial institutions to adapt to avoid obsolescence in the face of growing competition from new players in the sector such as Fintechs.

At the same time, the tightening of the regulatory framework in key economic zones as well as the energy and climate transition are becoming real stumbling blocks to the future of the industry.

Our positioning

We confront the complex challenges that shape today’s banking and financial services landscape alongside our business partners. In a swiftly evolving macro-landscape, we steer our partners toward a path of rapid yet sustainable growth.

Mantu supports major financial and banking players around the world, relying on a strong talent pool of dedicated experts to deliver tailored end-to-end solutions. Our track record of over 1,500 successfully executed projects speaks for itself.

We tap into local expertise to guarantee that our clients meet regulatory requirements and thrive within their own distinct ecosystems. Our management of vast global projects is orchestrated through centralized governance, anchored at our headquarters.

Execution is deftly handled by our on-the-grounds teams in each target country, to synchronize global objectives with local exigencies. This dual focus allows us to deliver customized state-of-the-art solutions.

We leverage synergies between brands to enable 360° degree client transformation. And we established centers of excellence to provide exceptional value to all our clients.

Mantu is committed to the rapid and sustainable success of our business partners. Central to our ethos is a steadfast investment in our people, our most valuable asset. This dedication enables us to excel in client engagement. Our attentiveness and accessibility to our partners worldwide is what sets us apart.

Our expertise

Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, empowers its partners in the financial industry to seamlessly transition from legacy to modern technologies, ensuring optimal performance and maintenance through its centers of excellence. The Mantu brand supports mobile banking and app development across Android and iOS, providing clients with fast, agile, and customer-centric solutions.

Amaris Consulting, one of Mantu’s brands, assists banks and financial institutions in managing compliance issues, cybersecurity threats, fraud, and financial crime. The brand also provides comprehensive KYC process reviews and transformative tool overhauls to strengthen institutional resilience and ensure regulatory compliance.

Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, drives the digital transformation of processes, data modernization, and enhances omnichannel experiences. The brand ensures its clients stay agile, competitive, and customer-focused in today’s fast-evolving digital landscape.

Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, enables businesses in the financial industry to harness the full potential of their big data, which in turn drives increased revenue and lead generation, while also providing insightful behavioral and performance analytics. The brand offers AI-powered chatbot solutions that help its partners maintain high responsiveness in the digital realm.

Novelab, a brand under the Mantu umbrella, specializes in crafting bespoke immersive and interactive experiences specifically tailored for the financial services industry. By harnessing cutting-edge augmented reality, virtual reality, and extended reality technologies, Novelab has established itself as one of the most-awarded immersive studios in the world.

Novelab’s expertise lies in translating its clients’ narratives into compelling digital experiences that resonate with audiences, thereby driving engagement and fostering trust. By partnering with Novelab, you not only adopt innovation but also strategically position your brand at the forefront of technological advancements in the financial sector.

LittleBig Connection, a Mantu brand, facilitates effortless collaborations by connecting its clients  with a global community of 500,000 experts. Through its innovative platform LittleBig Connect, the brand connects banks and financial institutions with the right person to control costs, support CSR strategies, and manage electronic payment systems.

Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, offers clients in the financial industry innovative blockchain solutions that serve as a cost-effective alternative for traditional ledgers. These solutions come equipped with features such as auto-remittance and virtual capabilities, revolutionizing the way transactions are recorded. 

Additionally, Amaris Consulting employs robotic process automation (RPA) to streamline repetitive tasks, freeing up employees to focus on more strategic work, enhancing operational efficiency, and delivering cost-savings along with improved return on investment.

Amaris Consulting,  a Mantu brand, assists clients in unlocking the true benefits of the cloud: efficiently formulating and implementing effective cloud strategies, facilitating seamless migration, and providing operational and management solutions. This empowers companies in the financial services and banking industry to forge closer relationships with their customers.

Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, helps clients reduce their carbon emissions, leveraging state-of-the-art solutions to achieve net-zero commitments and energy-efficient architecture solutions. The brand champions digital sobriety and promotes low-code/no-code solutions, ensuring financial industry players meet their sustainable objectives and are compliant with regulatory standards

Client cases

Transforming procurement with agile solutions

Explore how LittleBig Connection deployed an agile procurement solution to enhance expertise sourcing and workflow digitalization across multiple departments.

Enhancing automation for an insurance leader

Amaris Consulting propelled an insurance leader’s RPA initiative, helping them develop a robust operational model and automate key processes.

Strengthening financial frontiers

Amaris Consulting improved the cybersecurity for a French banking group.

Banking evolution: developing a seamless omnichannel

Amaris Consulting spearheaded omnichannel development for a top Vietnamese bank.

Crafting a cutting-edge data platform

Amaris Consulting propelled a Belgian fintech company’s transformation with a next-generation data platform.

Banking on the metaverse

Novelab took Banque Populaire Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes on a transformative metaverse journey.

Cloud-powered evolution: elevating a tech landscape

Amaris Consulting helped an insurance company migrate to cloud solutions for improved market agility and enhanced technological appeal.

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Digital excellence in insurance tech

Discover how Amaris Consulting delivered digital excellence in insurance, optimizing customer journeys and enhancing service platforms, to a French banking leader.

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