Our transportation expertise

In the fast-paced realm of transportation, the current stakes demand innovative solutions to tackle evolving challenges.

In the dynamic transportation sector, sustainability and innovation are key

Road and railway transport are at the forefront of this evolution, focusing on electrification, hydrogen fuel adoption, and autonomous driving.

The railway industry is harnessing AI to enhance efficiency and resource management, while also integrating Mobility as a Service (MaaS) to increase accessibility. These advancements are shifting travel toward a more user-centric and environmentally friendly paradigm.

Facing regulatory and public scrutiny, the transportation sector is prioritizing environmental stewardship and data security. The road and railway transport industries are pivotal in promoting eco-friendly transport solutions, playing a key role in securing the substantial investment needed to realize global sustainable transportation goals.

At Mantu, we’re leading this transition, helping businesses navigate these changes for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Our positioning

The transportation sector, encompassing road and rail, is on the cusp of a revolutionary transformation. Mantu, with our specialized brands, is spearheading this change, anticipating groundbreaking technologies that will redefine the entire ecosystem, such as new propulsion systems, autonomous driving, and the democratization of telematics with Industry 4.0.

We leverage our global offices and centers of excellence to navigate the complex transportation landscape. Our priority is to deliver high-quality cost-effective solutions promptly, without ever comprising on safety and security standards. Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to meet your unique business challenges, blending technology and methodology.

Mantu currently provides support to over 130 clients in 25 countries across the rail and road transport sectors. We serve manufacturers, tier one and tier two suppliers, transport operators, and small businesses involved in the sector’s technological and digital evolution.

Innovation lies at the core of our strategy, guiding every stage of the product and service lifecycle, from design to maintenance. Partnering with us ensures bespoke end-to-end solutions, underscored by a commitment to quality.

As a global company with local expertise, Mantu is well-equipped to tackle strategic challenges, blending proximity with outsourcing, and offering personalized support and custom solutions regardless of your location.

Our hybrid delivery model demonstrates our adaptability, enabling clients to select strategies that align with their specific needs, ensuring operational efficiency and profitability.

Mantu stands out for our expertise in information systems and digital technology (IS&D), especially in cutting-edge areas like AI, cybersecurity, and AR/VR. This expertise, combined with our engineering and telecom knowledge, not only enhances product development but also fosters innovation in strategy and solution implementation.

Our holistic approach to business transformation addresses technical, human, and managerial challenges, promoting collaboration and unifying teams, customers, and stakeholders. Our motto, “Tomorrow is human,” guides our work, strengthening Mantu’s role as an industry leader committed to delivering exceptional value.

Our expertise

Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, spearheads innovation in intelligent transportation systems. Leveraging expertise in embedded technologies, data analytics, and AI, the brand assists clients in delivering efficient and safe autonomous transport solutions.

Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, is committed to shaping the future of eco-friendly transport. The brand provides specialized assistance in areas such as electric propulsion systems, emission reduction strategies, and sustainable infrastructure design. Amaris Consulting equips clients with the necessary tools to achieve their sustainability objectives.

Amaris Consulting, one of Mantu’s brands, specializes in tackling the evolving cybersecurity challenges that arise with the growing digitalization of transportation systems. The brand provides data protection expertise, ensures compliance with privacy laws, and safeguards the integrity of client systems.

The engineering and design experts of Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand,  help clients imagine the future of transportation design. The brand focuses on enhancing user experiences while ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Novelab, a Mantu brand, is one of the most-awarded immersive studios in the world. The brand specializes in crafting bespoke high-impact immersive experiences using augmented reality, virtual reality and extended reality. These experiences are specifically tailored for technology and innovation events in the automotive and railway industries.

Novelab employs cutting-edge technologies to craft compelling narratives for clients in the automotive and railway sector, eliciting profound audience engagement. From developing immersive and interactive e-commerce websites and virtual showrooms to visualizing the future of mobility solutions via augmented and virtual reality, Novelab excels in bringing transportation concepts to life.

Additionally, the brand has a proven track record in immersive education, showcasing its expertise through the development of  innovative VR learning/training platforms.

As part of Mantu’s diverse brand portfolio, Valuement excels in conducting meticulous auditing services for entities within the automotive and railway industries. The brand supports clients as they navigate through a complex array of suppliers, ranging from small component manufacturers to large-scale infrastructure providers.

The brand addresses the heightened risk of profit-loss due to double payments, fraud, or VAT/sales taxes (like GST) and currency errors. It achieves this by performing comprehensive audits on various scopes within defined perimeters, scrutinizing every operational aspect.

Based on the findings, Valuement develops a digital platform to unveil hidden value, address the issues identified during the audit, and provide clients in the automotive and railway industries with solutions to enhance their processes.

The expertise of LittleBig Connection, a Mantu brand, lies in facilitating the management of external talent communities and in creating a direct transparent link between stakeholders. Through its vendor management system and marketplace, LittleBig Connection seamlessly connects clients from the automotive and railway sectors to a vast network of experts. By strategically matching clients with the right experts precisely when needed, the brand significantly enhances the efficiency of collaborations.

LittleBig Connection adeptly navigates complex regulations and contracts while also specializing in transportation process optimization. With experience streamlining supply chain management, and harnessing advanced automotive technology, the brand is uniquely positioned to boost operational and economic efficiency to serve transportation companies.

Portalia, a Mantu brand, provides clients in the transportation industry with customized wage portage solutions, meticulously crafted to address their unique requirements. The brand’s expertise lies in facilitating the management of freelancers and consultants while also educating transportation companies about the benefits of wage portage.

Portalia’s ability to manage complex regulations and contracts, particularly in the French market, highlights its adaptability in meeting the specialized needs of automotive and railway clients.

Arneo, one of Mantu’s brands, combines digital expertise in consulting, communication, design, creation, and technology to deliver comprehensive and integrated solutions. The brand assists large automotive companies with network deployment, digital identity management (including social media and editorial activities), training, change management, and also offers strategic guidance. The brand promotes the adoption of cutting-edge tools, like Salesforce, to ensure  optimized customer experiences.

Arneo collaborates closely with its clients’ in-house employees to ensure seamless integration of the latest technologies and to support them in overcoming challenges. The development of customized tools and their continuous improvement further enhances efficiency, empowering clients to thrive in the digital realm.

Client cases

Streamlined procurement excellence

Faurecia encountered some challenges in streamlining its procurement processes. Learn how LittleBig Connection supported their procurement transformation.

Redefining value recovery

A multinational automobile manufacturer engaged Valuement to help them mitigate profit losses from operational inefficiencies.

Revolutionizing railway training with SNCF

Novelab developed a virtual reality (VR) training program for SNCF, immersing trainees in lifelike railway scenarios.

Modernizing a complex transportation network

Amaris Consulting united innovation with railway expertise, seamlessly blending systems engineering practices and tools like DOORS and subsystem simulators.

Data management for enhanced collaboration & security

Amaris Consulting implemented a straightforward approach to simplify data collection, transformation, and secure sharing.

Pioneering automotive emission reduction in Singapore

Amaris Consulting collaborated with a global leader in automotive technology to develop a cutting-edge solution that reduces automotive emissions in Singapore.

Accelerating digital evolution in the automotive industry

Arneo crafted a comprehensive strategy to support an automotive manufacturer in embracing digitalization.

Optimizing test team support for an advanced driving project

Amaris Consulting assisted a client in simplifying the complex aspects of an advanced driving project.

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