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Mantu and Centrale Lille sign a partnership agreement!

January 25th, 2024

Génération Prépa

Mantu and Centrale Lille have signed a partnership agreement for the year 2024, aimed at facilitating synergies between the two organizations and offering Centrale Lille students numerous professional opportunities in the fields of technology consulting and business transformation.

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Mantu is betting on AI

January 24th, 2024


Mantu has been actively pursuing the extensive integration of AI into both its internal operations and those of its clients since the beginning of 2023. This ambitious endeavor is set to be achieved through the implementation of secure, custom-made generative AI models designed to seamlessly align with the IT architecture of its clients and through its cutting-edge AINow! offer. In parallel, Mantu is committed to exploring new avenues for growth and prioritizing the reduction of carbon emissions across its operations.

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Generative AI at the service of results

December 20th, 2023

Bilan Magazine

Mathieu Ragetly, EVP Digital Marketing & Experience at Mantu, explores the adoption of generative AI in businesses, highlighting its potential to boost productivity by automating routine tasks. He stresses the importance of strategic integration and critical assessment in harnessing AI’s benefits while navigating its challenges in the workplace.

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Let’s Talk Business

November 16th, 2023

Radio Lac

Olivier Brourhant, CEO & Chairman of Mantu, discusses the technological challenges facing Geneva’s economy, and in particular AI, on the radio show “Parlons économie”, broadcasting live from Radio Lac’s studios in Geneva.

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Not embracing AI leads to obsolescence

November 14th, 2023

Bilan Magazine

Mathieu Ragetly, EVP Digital Marketing & Experience at Mantu, highlights how businesses that don’t adopt AI will face obsolescence. He explores the transformative potential of AI, its impact on productivity, and the case for its effective integration.

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Behind the scenes at Mantu

November 1st, 2023

Dans les Coulisses de CEO Podcast

Arnaud Naudan, BDO France’s Chairman of the Board, interviews Olivier Brourhant, CEO of Mantu in his podcast, together, they look back at Mantu’s growth… Olivier Brourhant also highlights the unmissable opportunities of AI in company.

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Creating a leading consultancy business

October 30th, 2023

Dans la Tête d’un CEO Podcast

Dive into the world of consulting, technology and generative artificial intelligence  with Olivier Brourhant, CEO of Mantu, on the podcast Dans la Tête d’un CEO hosted by Yacine Sqalli. Discover the secrets of Mantu’s exceptional success story and find out what sets Mantu apart from other consultancies.  Olivier Brourhant also shares his thoughts on tomorrow’s business and the use of ChatGPT.

Mantu: From 0 to 10,000, the consulting dream team

June 27th, 2023

La Galère Podcast

Join Olivier Brourhant, CEO of Mantu, on the La Galere podcast, hosted by David Flak, for a behind-the-scenes look at Mantu. Learn about Mantu’s exciting and inspiring journey, from its beginnings to its bold aspirations.

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Don’t yield to manufactured dichotomies

September 12th, 2023

Bilan Magazine

Mathieu Ragetly, EVP Digital Marketing & Experience at Mantu, highlights the erroneous rivalry between AI and Web3, emphasising their synergy in tackling digital challenges and advocating comprehensive regulation encompassing both technologies.

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The clash between Web3 and sports could break all records

August 17th, 2023

Bilan Magazine

Mathieu Ragetly, EVP Digital Marketing and Experience at Mantu, leverages his expertise to analyze the imminent challenges posed by the Metaverse and Web3’s impact on the sports industry. This examination is prompted by a recent study by the Journal of Applied Sports Management.

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Organically growing a business in 60 countries!

July 16th  2023

Little Big Things podcast

Join Olivier Brourhant, Mantu co-founder and CEO, as he discusses the Mantu’s collective journey on the Little Big Things podcast hosted by Andrea Bensaid. Discover Mantu’s unique organic growth approach, the ins and outs of the company’s financial independence, and the challenges and successes that have shaped the adventure.

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The Vision Pro headset: a key step in conquering mixed reality

July 13th 2023

Bilan Magazine

On June 5th, Apple unveiled its Vision Pro headset. While its high price may raise questions, it is a revolutionary product, positioned between virtual reality and augmented reality. Mathieu Ragetly, EVP Digital Marketing and Experience at Mantu, uses his expertise to analyze how Apple’s strategy could prove effective and potentially position it as a leader in the Web3 market all the while highlighting the main obstacles the company could encounter in its pursuit of this goal. 

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Olivier Brourhant: “the art of simplicity”

June 19th 2023

PME Magazine

PME Magazine’s Profile of the Month showcases Olivier Brourhant, the co-founder and CEO of Mantu. The article explores Brourhant’s entrepreneurial journey, his personal growth, and leadership style.

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Web3 and luxury: unveiling the future of customer relations

June 15th 2023

Bilan Magazine

Mathieu Ragetly, Mantu’s Digital Marketing and Experience EVP, explores the potential of Web3 in the luxury sector in the June edition of Bilan Magazine. Ragetly uses his Web3 expertise to examine how Web3 tools may enhance customer experiences while also addressing the concerns and challenges it faces in this realm.

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Mantu CEO’s interview for L’AGEFI and LFM TV

1st May 2023

Olivier Brourhant, Mantu Chairman & CEO, is the guest on “Be to B,” a program produced in partnership by Swiss-based media, LFM TV and “L’Agefi.” The President and CEO of Mantu discusses management, succession, quantum computing, and Swiss watchmaking.

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Web3, a strategic investment for all, creating unique value for each!

27th March 2023

Web3, or the third-generation web, is a radical transformation of the internet that deeply disrupts its mode of operation, its sources of value, and its economic models.

However, for this investment to be fruitful, it needs to be made strategically.

Every month, Bilan magazine will feature Mantu’s eVP and Web3 Program Director Mathieu Ragetly. His articles will shed a light on Web3, deciphering its complexities so that readers from all backgrounds can understand the advantages of this innovative technology.

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Deciphering Web3

9th March 2023

Web3 offers a vast field of opportunities for individuals and companies, but many still do not understand how they can benefit from it.

How do you accept the uncertainties inherent in this new technology without losing momentum? What kind of financial and economic opportunities does Web3 offer?

Every month, Bilan magazine will feature Mantu’s eVP and Web3 Program Director Mathieu Ragetly. His articles will shed a light on Web3, deciphering its complexities so that readers from all backgrounds can understand the advantages of this innovative technology.

First article in series

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Are AI engineers building the machine that will replace them?

1st February 2023

Are AI engineers unwittingly constructing the very machine that will render them obsolete? Find out in this thought-provoking article exploring the paradox of AI engineers creating their own potential replacements. Discover the challenges, risks, and ethical dilemmas they face as they push the boundaries of artificial intelligence. Gain exclusive insights from Mathieu Ragetly, Mantu’s eVP and Web3 Program Director, as he shares his expertise with in this exploration.

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Mantu, Olivier Brourhant (CEO) – “The Right Person in the Right Place”

11 January 2023

In the 27th episode of Method to Scale, Mantu takes the spotlight. With remarkable achievements over the past 15 years, including a strong global presence in over 60 countries, a workforce of over 10,000 employees, and a remarkable €810 million in revenue, Olivier Brourhant shares the journey of building this independent global consulting player, from day one. Discover the strategic insights behind Mantu’s growth, sustainable decision-making, and adaptive approaches to market dynamics and competitors.

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Olivier Brourhant, Mantu: Creating, Growing, Transmitting, and Starting Over

21st November 2022

Harmony inside hosted Olivier Brourhant, the founder of Mantu. In just 15 years, Mantu has grown into a conglomerate of 13 brands, operating across consulting and SaaS, with 10,000 employees and a shared culture in 60+ countries. Olivier reveals the secrets behind our success, including maintaining a unique culture, handling a high volume of job applications, nurturing talent, embracing ecological transition, and his perpetual drive for growth. Don’t miss this inspiring episode!

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“Mantu will pass the billion-euro revenue mark by 2024” 

9th November 2022

L’Agence économique et financière (AGEFI) 

The Economic and Financial Agency (AGEFI), a Swiss media group that covers business and financial news, featured Mantu CEO Olivier Brourhant in its November 2022 edition. Interviewed by Matteo Ianni, Olivier Brourhant reveals what sets the Mantu ecosystem a part in a field saturated with competition. The CEO also discusses Mantu’s positioning, economic growth, and international expansion.  

“In a category of its own, Mantu offers 360 degree support. Mantu grows continuously because of our large variety of expertise while other consulting players specialize in only one field within a very fragmented market.”

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Olivier Brourhant: How to thrive during times of crisis

19th October 2022

Business Tribe

Mantu CEO Olivier Brourhant looks back on the evolution of the Mantu ecosystem with Business Tribe’s David Laroche. They discuss how to successfully grow a business, recruit the best experts, and create an inspiring company culture.

“It is often said that the measure of an entrepreneur is their ability overcome crises. Our guest [Olivier Brourhant] has conquered three: in 2000, 2008 and 2020. When listening to this podcast, you will see that this is no coincidence.”

M-C. Cot-Magnas (Mantu): “The Chief Financial Officer must be both a business partner and a business leader.”

11th October 2022
In this interview with Mark-Corentin Cot-Magnas, Mantu Executive VP Finance, it is highlighted that the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) goes beyond traditional financial responsibilities. The CFO must act as both a business partner and a business leader, effectively aligning financial strategies with overall business objectives. The article emphasizes the importance of CFOs having a holistic understanding of the business and actively contributing to its growth and success, going beyond their traditional financial expertise.

Gain valuable insights from Mark-Corentin Cot-Magnas on the evolving role of CFOs in driving business performance.

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Expert’s Opinion: The Chief Impact Officer is a Disruptor

29th September 2022

Discover the disruptive role of the Chief Impact Officer (CIO) in this captivating article written by Constance Nevoret, Executive VP Sustainable Development Mantu, for Les Echos. Uncover how the CIO becomes a catalyst for change, driving sustainability and social responsibility within organizations. With insights from Constance Nevoret, gain a deeper understanding of how this emerging role is reshaping businesses and making a meaningful impact on society. Prepare to be inspired by the transformative power of the CIO in today’s ever-evolving corporate landscape.

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Novelab’s project selected for the Venice Biennale

29th August 2022


The 79th Venice International Film Festival will feature 30 projects in its official XR competition, including Landia Egal’s Okawari, co-directed by the founder and CEO of the Novelab studio Amaury La Burthe. Novelab’s projects have been presented at major film festivals around the world and the studio is part of the Mantu ecosystem.

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