At Mantu, we believe in running a sustainable and responsible business for our people, for our clients, and for the planet.

Our commitment to our people

We are proudly multicultural and understand the power of sharing our diverse experiences.

We understand people have different skills and aspirations, so we’ve developed our inclusive careers to offer variety and reflect people’s aspirations. 

We created a dynamic environment where our people are empowered and engaged.

We encourage everyone to grow in their own way. Our flexible, international careers are designed around the people who underpin our success.

We value our teams’ wellbeing: our Smart Working initiative helps us adapt to changing work methods.

We ensure effective collaboration by keeping an eye on developing work trends so that all our team members can thrive.

Our commitment to sustainability

We have committed to reducing our environmental impact.

Our goal to decrease our carbon footprint includes our eco-office program, and an ambitious action plan involving our whole ecosystem.

Diversity and inclusion are a priority at Mantu.

We signed the United Nations’ Statement of Support for the Women’s Empowerment Principles, and are continuing to raise awareness about diversity.

We're focused on uniting our teams around the cause of sustainability.

We’re focused on increasing engagement, and teams are encouraged to get involved in sustainability initiatives and volunteering projects.

and certifications

At Mantu, we are committed to continually improving on quality. We have secured prestigious certifications and are determined to extend these accreditations across our organization, recognizing our diligence and drive in every area.


Our commitment to our clients

We put our clients at the core of our business to ensure satisfaction.

Client-centricity means understanding what our clients want and what matters to them: effective solutions that benefit business, the community, and the planet.

Each client stake is unique and requires a tailor-made answer.

By focusing on and delivering what our clients want and need, we develop dedicated approaches and services with a positive impact.

We aim to establish long lasting relationships with our clients to maximize service experience.

For that purpose, we regularly conduct satisfaction surveys to better meet our clients’ needs.