We are Mantu. And we are not perfect.

Humans are messy, inconsistent, and irrational. They can also be fun, brave, and passionate. And that’s alright, because we’re human too. By embracing our flaws, we create space for our people to be their true selves. Mantu is different because our people are.


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Our values

Our values are the guiding principles that steer everything we do, from the way we work with our clients and partners to how we interact with our teammates and candidates. They remind us of what’s important, and why we do what we do every day. The five Mantu values are equally important, and each complements the others. Together, they make us who we are.

Pioneer spirit

The idea of exploring new technologies, new ways of thinking, and new competencies is what connects us to one another and leads us to success. We are pioneers and we move quickly: our innovative guidance helps organizations find new paths to building a more sustainable world.


It is at the heart of everything we do for our teams, clients, partners, and planet. From actively contributing to climate change mitigation to building empowering workplaces, Mantu channels a more human approach to work and business. We value diversity and meritocracy as key enablers for the new generation of pioneers. 


The foundation of all relationships, trust enables us to promote freedom of expression, creativity, and innovation. We believe that businesses are above all a human adventure that carries the world forward. We put our trust in a great talent community to build a global company. We put our trust in people to shape innovation, to change the world, and improve our way of life, so that tomorrow will be human.


This translates into a constant desire to move forward and never stop asking more of ourselves. Our ambition pushes us to think differently every day to stand out and consistently rise to the challenge for our clients. The secret of our performance lies in the combined power of human creativity augmented by technology.


It is the key to successful sustainable development. Independence gives us the freedom to make our own choices and build our future the way we want to. It gives us the ability to anticipate change and to be flexible over time as the economy evolves. Staying independent sets us apart on the global market.

The Mantu Vision

We always plan to evolve and anticipate change. Our ambition is to improve people’s lives, and the world, through innovation. We are in business to build the next generation of sustainable pioneers.

We help businesses fulfil their dreams, achieve their ambitions, and realize their projects.

We believe that business is, above all, a human adventure that carries the world forward – that’s why entrepreneurship is the world’s biggest transformation lever.

We exist to generate opportunities for a vast talent community and pass on our boldness and entrepreneurial culture and spirit.

We want to contribute to changing people’s lives by enabling them to have an impact, to make a difference, and to move the world forward together.

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Did you know?

How big is the Mantu Group?

Mantu is continually expanding its network of brands and the services we provide to our clients. The Mantu Group has a turnover of €1 billion.

What does our tagline, 'Tomorrow is human', mean?

Our tagline speaks to our belief that the future is human – at a time when artificial intelligence is expected to outsmart human intelligence, we affirm that there will always be a need for human insight and innovation. We believe that the future will be defined not by machines, but by human ambitions, aspirations, and connections.

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