Organizations must anticipate and evolve with profound changes in the market to ensure their relevance.  

In 2022, Mantu developed a strategic plan to proactively address the changes coming to the world of work.
This new plan, Pioneer I, will enable us to continue to thrive as the market shifts around us.

Pioneer I redefines our values, mission, and purpose. 

Future workforce trends

Discover what the future of work will look like in 2025 and beyond.

Corporate responsibility will move from the fifth most important factor in joining a company to the second in 2025


More than 50% of Gen Z and Millennials envision working partly in the metaverse in the near future, and they will make up 72% of the 2025 workforce.  


In 2025, the total amount of data created, captured, copied, and analyzed will increase by 100%.  


Only 27% of customer experience professionals are confident that their organization will be able to address customer experience issues in real time in 2025.


In 2030, 75% of workers worldwide will be non-permanent employees. Today, they already represent 40% of the workforce.


Technological progress, like that of AI, is increasingly broadening human and machine collaboration. Some jobs will therefore disappear or change profoundly, while many others will be created: 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t been invented yet.

Given these previsions, we’ve developed a set of
seven beliefs

    Glocalization will
    be the rule.
    Engaging talent communities will drive sustainable growth.
    Understanding an organization’s purpose and relevance will be of great importance to all.
    Sharing knowledge faster will be a key challenge.
    The future of work lies at the intersection between the real, social, and virtual worlds.
    Customer experience will become proactive rather than reactive.
    Uncertainty will keep growing exponentially.

Pioneer I is the result of our collective thinking and analysis of our achievements, viewpoints, and the external context surrounding us.

Pioneer 1

Pioneer 1

Pioneer 1

Pioneer 1

Pioneer 1

We built it as a compass for the next three years, to guide our strategic actions and move our 10,000 people in the same direction. 

How are we structuring and rolling out these new initiatives and projects?

By establishing three centers based on our new beliefs and priorities

Explore Center

Focuses on our main business objectives and details how we are going to extend Mantu’s footprint in corporate journeys through new technologies, competencies, and human thinking.  

Impact Center

Focuses on our stakeholder impact. It addresses the challenges facing our planet and aims to expand our ability to be a great company to work for and with. 

Social Center

Focuses on how we work as an organization. It will enable us to build deeper relationships with clients, partners, and talented people.

Pioneer I is a tribute to the work we have done and the future we are creating.

It’s our commitment to creating sustainable growth, and our commitment to our mission: empowering businesses and making a difference across industries.