Our healthcare expertise

Our healthcare expertise helps you navigate towards impeccable compliance & sustainable success.

At healthcare’s core, challenges beckon innovation, enhancing value, patient access, decoding data, and rejuvenating R&D.

The industry seeks transformative strategies, embracing AI, blockchain, and virtual reality for advanced applications, while marvels like mRNA treatments and myoelectric arms are revolutionizing care. Covid-19 exposed the need for resilient systems to counter crises, supply shortages, and reduce logistical bottlenecks.

A post-pandemic world demands robust, interconnected healthcare navigating research, labs, governments, and patients amidst deindustrialization and climate urgency. Time is crucial.

In a regulated environment, staying ahead is vital — serialization, data integrity, and ICH compliance matter. Integrating medical technologies demands informed, adaptable vigilance for regulatory success. The digital data revolution is propelling efficiency and innovation, from drug discovery to new devices, unlocking tomorrow’s healthcare potential today. Investments are shifting to biotech — mRNA, CAR-T, and genetic engineering offer progress against disease.

Join us on healthcare’s transformative journey.

Our positioning

To help you navigate the complex world of healthcare, we’ve created three Centers of Excellence. Each focus on a key life sciences area: Health Economics & Market Access (HEMA), Contract Research Organization (CRO), and Manufacturing.

Together with our potent IT/IS capabilities, we deliver comprehensive high-value solutions designed specifically to meet your unique challenges.

Collectively, we support more than 150 clients in 20 countries, ranging from top pharmaceutical companies to MedTech and biotech companies as well as public organizations.

Our holistic tech-driven strategy puts innovation at the heart of every product life cycle, covering everything from clinical trials to manufacturing and distribution. With us, you receive tailored end-to-end solutions backed by a quality guarantee.

We’re a global company with local expertise, ready to adapt to and meet the regulatory and market requirements whatever your region. This winning combination allows us to offer you personalized support and bespoke solutions, no matter where you’re based.

Our flexibility manifests in hybrid delivery models enabling clients to choose the approaches that best align with their specific requirements, guaranteeing both operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

But what really sets Mantu and our brands apart? We harness our life sciences expertise, Information Systems and Digital (IS&D) methodologies, and state-of-the-art technologies like AI, to deliver innovative, cross-functional solutions.

Our comprehensive approach to business transformation empowers us to guide you through not just technical but also human and managerial challenges: embracing every form of possible collaboration because that’s what the future of work looks like.

Our goal is to reconnect you with your teams, your customers, and your stakeholders by creating distinctive interactions. “Tomorrow is human” is not just Mantu’s tagline—it is the philosophy we bring to life through our work.

This holistic approach not only makes Mantu and our brands leaders in the industry but also empowers us to deliver exceptional value, customized especially for you.

Our expertise

We support our clients in all distinct phases of product & drug development: from R&D and market access strategy to supporting the manufacturing process. Our holistic knowledge of the industry challenges enables us to support you every step of the way.

As part of Mantu’s diversified portfolio, the brand Amaris Consulting, maintains a strong clinical orientation and provides unwavering support to clients in the development and enhancement of their innovative products. Through Clinical/Preclinical Operations and Biometrics, Amaris helps clients at every step of their clinical phase. Additionally, the brand offers expertise in Pharmacovigilance, Quality & Regulatory Affairs activities.

As one of Mantu’s brands, Amaris Consulting excels in bringing your technology to life by guiding you through evidence-based planning strategies, combined with high-quality and robust project execution. The brand’s strategic vision and innovative methods enable clients to create and optimize their product proposition while navigating market uncertainty and managing data effectively. 

Amaris integrates diverse disease knowledge with strong analytical capabilities to help deliver across all axes of health economics, outcomes research, value communications, and market access.

Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, empowers clients to bring products and drugs to market faster while ensuring the quality of products and processes, conforming to and respecting the latest country regulations. The brand’s expertise equips clients with the ability to balance organizational agility, compliance, lean manufacturing, and operational excellence to execute a fast-paced and reliable supply chain.

With patient needs at the forefront, Amaris Consulting recognizes the imperative for clients to supply high-quality medicines on demand with high drug efficacy and without risk of causing unintended harm. In today’s Industry 4.0 world, the fundamental enablers of the capabilities above lie in mastering competitive technological capabilities such as electronic Quality Management Systems (eQMS), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and API integrations with their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

As a strategic brand under the Mantu umbrella, Amaris Consulting delivers cutting-edge data integration and analytics solutions to optimize clients’ existing data assets, providing a quick and interactive overview of their operations. Leveraging expertise in advanced technology such as AI and Machine Learning, the brand significantly enhances business applications and processes, driving superior performance.

Novelab, a distinguished brand within Mantu’s diverse portfolio, specializes in crafting tailor-made high-end immersive and interactive experiences for the healthcare industry, leveraging augmented reality, virtual reality, and extended reality technologies. Recognized as of of the most-awarded immersive studios in the world, Novelab harnesses cutting-edge technology to infuse storytelling with emotional depth for our healthcare clients.

Arneo, one of Mantu’s brands, creates customized digital platforms that empower healthcare organizations to master the complexity of their processes and ecosystems.

Arneo has developed several tailor-made platforms for its healthcare clients. These platforms streamline communication, organize critical information, and facilitate the hosting of online congresses, among other functionalities.

Client cases

Social media listening: reaching new understanding

Discover patient and caregiver insights on tardive dyskinesia with Amaris Consulting’s innovative social media listening approach.

Elevating operations for seamless manufacturing

Discover how Amaris Consulting, enabled a manufacturing site to reach FDA and EMA compliance.

Enriching visitor engagement with interactive installations

Discover how Novelab’s interactive installations transformed the learning experience at Merck’s campus in Darmstadt.

Redefining medical event management

Transform medical events with MSD Live, a digital platform enhancing efficiency and engagement in healthcare symposiums.

Optimizing metastatic breast cancer treatment pathways

Discover how Amaris Consulting improved metastatic breast cancer treatment options.

Revolutionizing clinical study reports with AI

Amaris Consulting’s AI-driven biostatistics tool ensures fast, accurate clinical study reports and expedites medical research.

News & insights

Generative AI solutions for peak precision and efficiency

Amaris Consulting is in the advanced stages of developing customized generative AI solutions.

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