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Mantu is betting on AI

Mantu has been actively pursuing the extensive integration of AI into both its internal operations and those of its clients since the beginning of 2023. This ambitious endeavor is set to be achieved through the implementation of secure, custom-made generative AI models designed to seamlessly align with the IT architecture of its clients and through its cutting-edge AINow! offer. In parallel, Mantu is committed to exploring new avenues for growth and prioritizing the reduction of carbon emissions across its operations.

Generative AI at the service of results

Mathieu Ragetly, EVP Digital Marketing & Experience at Mantu, explores the adoption of generative AI in businesses, highlighting its potential to boost productivity by automating routine tasks. He stresses the importance of strategic integration and critical assessment in harnessing AI’s benefits while navigating its challenges in the workplace.

Let’s Talk Business

Olivier Brourhant, CEO & Chairman of Mantu, discusses the technological challenges facing Geneva’s economy, and in particular AI, on the radio show “Parlons économie”, broadcasting live from Radio Lac’s studios in Geneva.

Not embracing AI leads to obsolescence

Mathieu Ragetly, EVP Digital Marketing & Experience at Mantu, highlights how businesses that don’t adopt AI will face obsolescence. He explores the transformative potential of AI, its impact on productivity, and the case for its effective integration.

Behind the scenes at Mantu

Arnaud Naudan interviews Olivier Brourhant, CEO of Mantu in his podcast, together, they look back at Mantu’s growth… Olivier Brourhant also highlights the unmissable opportunities of AI in company.

Creating a leading consultancy business

Dive into the world of consulting, technology and generative artificial intelligence with Olivier Brourhant, CEO of Mantu, on the podcast Dans la Tête d’un CEO hosted by Yacine Sqalli. Discover the secrets of Mantu’s exceptional success story and find out what sets Mantu apart from other consultancies. Olivier Brourhant also shares his thoughts on tomorrow’s business and the use of ChatGPT.

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