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The dynamic interplay between consumer habits and retail strategies is playing out on an unprecedented scale.

The retail industry is a potent engine powering the global economy.

With sales surpassing US $27 trillion in 2022 and an anticipated leap to over US $30 trillion by 2024, the retail industry is anything but static. Characterized by disruption, this sector compels businesses to either strategically adapt to shifting consumer expectations and harness the potential of cutting-edge technologies or risk becoming obsolete.

From facilitating direct purchasing on TikTok and integrating AR features into ecommerce platforms to implementing AI chatbots for real-time customer interaction, tech marvels are redefining the consumer experience. Indeed, more than three out of five people have reported that the integration of new technologies has significantly enriched their shopping experiences.

The roadmap to long-term sustainability lies in leveraging technologies to create a seamless and compelling shopping experience across all touchpoints. It’s noteworthy that over 60% of consumers now shop across multiple channels and brands that excel in omnichannel customer engagement strategies see an impressive annual revenue growth of 9.5%.

As you venture forth, we offer expert support and insight, ensuring you’re not only on the right path but also equipped with the foresight and ability to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Our positioning

At the heart of Mantu’s DNA lies a unique amalgamation of expansive support, unmatched expertise, and global collaboration, brought to life by a vibrant community of over 11,500 people.

We are not just any consulting firm; we are a collaborative network. This gives us the unparalleled advantage of drawing from a vast pool of resources, and seamlessly working across borders with diverse brands on projects of all scales.

The reach of Mantu’s brands is truly worldwide, encompassing a diverse portfolio of retail clients, from multinational conglomerates and luxury brands to leading manufacturers. The extensive expertise of Mantu’s brands has provided our network with deep insights into the complexities of the retail sector.

In fact, we’ve honed our approach through eleven tailored business solutions. Whether we are spearheading digital innovation, enhancing profit margins, or transforming business models, each of our business solutions ignites excellence at every juncture of the retail journey.

As we actively embrace cutting-edge technologies and rigorously train our teams in the latest industry advancements, we ensure that our clients remain at the forefront of change. Our forward-thinking approach extends to our client interactions.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all methodology, we prioritize understanding —delving deeply into each client’s world and curating customized solutions aligned with their specific needs. We comprehend that no two retail businesses share an identical journey or vision. As such, our solutions, from inception to completion, are uniquely tailored.

In a world marked by unpredictability, our promise remains steadfast: to deliver maximum value with a client-centric approach. As your trusted partners, Mantu’s brands are committed to guiding you through market challenges, harnessing opportunities for you, and preparing you for the unexpected twists and turns of the retail journey.

Our expertise

Mantu brand Amaris Consulting guides companies in transforming and developing new business models to meet evolving customer expectations and to enhance their shopping experience. The brand’s growth services are designed to help retailers adapt to changing preferences, improve customer satisfaction, and drive loyalty. 

Amaris Consulting, one of Mantu’s brands, empowers clients to strategically leverage their data while ensuring its integrity.  The brand’s customized data analytics service assists retailers in optimizing inventory management, elevating customer service, streamlining operations, and much more. Whether it involves developing machine learning models, performing predictive analysis, or building digital twins, Amaris Consulting always employs cutting-edge approaches to address retailers’ unique needs and facilitate informed decision-making.  

Amaris Consulting is committed to ensuring your data remains a strategic asset rather than a liability. Accordingly, the brand also provides comprehensive solutions designed to safeguard data from evolving threats, recognizing that in the retail sector, maintaining customer trust is crucial. From securing point-of-sale systems to protecting customer data and ensuring online transaction security, Amaris Consulting offers a holistic approach to cybersecurity tailored to the unique challenges faced by the retail industry. 

Amaris Consulting’s skilled team of support engineers and IT experts stand ready to deliver top-notch remote IT support and flexible onsite support to guide tech strategies and solutions. With the Mantu brand’s assistance, retail offices, stores, and production lines can optimize their tech performance and solutions. 

 Amaris Consulting offers top-tier quality assurance practices to evaluate product quality and associated risks, indispensable in the competitive retail landscape. The Mantu brand’s services encompass both web and mobile production testing. Amaris Consulting delivers comprehensive phased strategies that weave QA activities seamlessly through the product life cycle. This approach enables retailers to ensure their products consistently meet the high standards expected by today’s informed clientele.

Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, offers agile and responsive business solutions. The brand guides retail businesses through digital and organizational transformations, ensuring they align with customer expectations and are adaptable to market dynamics. Amaris Consulting’s project management team, driven by their collaborative ethos, ensures the flawless execution of large-scale retail projects spanning continents.

Elevate your retail operations with two powerful platforms. Mantu brand LittleBig Connection has created a dynamic marketplace, connecting retail clients to a vast network of more than 500,000 tech, digital, and engineering experts. The brand  also offers a cutting-edge SaaS platform which streamlines the management of clients’ external services, optimizing efficiency in retail ecosystems. 

By analyzing retailers’ purchasing processes throughout their supply chains, Mantu brand Valuement uncovers key insights that empower retailers to tap into greater value. The brand customizes their approach to fit each retail business’ unique needs, eschewing rigid models in favor of a deep understanding of clients’ data and goals. Valuement is dedicated to delivering optimum value through tailored services.

As experts in event management, Mantu brand Revibe specializes in orchestrating product launch events that elevate brands, captivate audiences, and spotlight innovation for unparalleled ROI. 

By leveraging their global supplier network, Revibe curates meaningful and impactful events and trips worldwide to incentivize sales teams, foster meaningful team building experiences, and facilitate professional development and learning opportunities.  

Novelab, a Mantu brand, creates immersive experiences that empower companies by dynamically communicating their story, vision, products, and services. The brand’s immersive installations transform retail and trade show spaces into unique interactive hubs. Novelab helps companies meet and engage with their community and the press in new and meaningful ways.

As a team of technological experts specializing in ecommerce platform development, Mantu brand Arneo guides their clients from app ideation through to development and deployment. The brand’s customized web and mobile ecommerce solutions are not only crafted for exceptional UX and UI, ensuring an engaging and seamless online shopping experience, but also finely tuned for organic search engine optimization to boost retail business’ online presence.

The expertly curated marketing campaigns of Arneo surpass conventional approaches; they are intricately orchestrated journeys tailored to captivate and engage consumers. The Mantu brand dives deep into understanding the heartbeat of business’ target demographics, ensuring each piece of content resonates with precision and impact. Arneo brings to life holistic marketing solutions, from ideation and content creation to forging strategic media partnerships. It positions brands for unparalleled market visibility, engagement, and success.

Client cases

Revitalizing Sonos’ EMEA website experience

Pixel Alliance revitalized Sonos’ EMEA website with a comprehensive technical overhaul, enhancing UX/UI for a dynamic online experience.

Voices of authenticity: a game-changing marketing campaign

Arneo elevated A-DERMA’s marketing with a new and exciting campaign.

Strengthening cybersecurity: taking a proactive approach

Amaris Consulting enhanced cybersecurity for a global food and beverage conglomerate with Hermes and Clarity AI tools.

Fuelling collaboration and innovation

LittleBig Connection supported a global sporting goods giant through its unique supplier management platform.

From losses to gains: a journey to profit recovery

Valuement transformed the financial systems for a global grocery retailer.

Showcasing craftsmanship: an illuminating event

Revibe created a dazzling event for a Swiss watchmaker, blending luxury and artistry to showcase craftsmanship, enhancing brand visibility and media buzz.

Dancing in denim: a unique collection launch

Novelab elevated a luxury fashion house’s jean collection launch with an innovative interactive boutique experience.

A timeless transition: revamping a retailer’s POS system

Amaris Consulting revolutionized the retail experience for a Swiss luxury watchmaker with a new POS system.

News & insights

The innovative role of digital twins in Swiss watchmaking

A Swiss watchmaker, with Amaris Consulting’s support, embraces digital twin tech, enhancing its production efficiency and upholding its heritage.

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