Innovation Lab

Through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, we support business leaders facing new and unprecedented challenges. We help them to evolve faster and adapt fully to new social, economic, and digital behaviors.

About our Lab

Innovation and R&D are at the heart of our activities, which led to the creation of the Mantu Innovation Lab in 2018.
The Lab ensures we remain at the forefront of new technologies, as well as helping us to play an active role in the development and deployment of new services and products suited to the changing reality of the market.

The Mantu Innovation Lab supports its partners through our value innovation approach. We work closely with businesses to solve concrete issues through our user-centric, agile, and sustainable methodologies.
By combining our skills with the power of technology, we can support businesses across all their transformation requirements and increase their efficiency.
Our mission is to help our clients through the evolution of their market and find new growth opportunities, raise awareness of the importance of these disruptive technologies, and help our clients make the most of these new tools.
Ours is a multicultural approach designed to bring together experts from different backgrounds: we believe that true innovation is the result of a dialogue between different types of knowledge, especially in fields where there is normally little to no cross-sector interaction. This open collaboration approach is reflected throughout our organization.
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Scope of activities

We are a technology-oriented Innovation Lab with interests across specific sectors and in transversal projects.


Our expertise can be divided into 3 main areas:

Artificial intelligence

We provide end-to-end support to organizations developing AI-driven products and solutions. Our focus is to enable organizations to take full advantage of their data, extract valuable insights, and develop AI models, including recommendation and prediction algorithms. Those machine-learning and AI algorithms are then implemented and integrated within our clients' environment.

Data science & data engineering

We help our clients with a wide range of data science and engineering projects, ranging from implementing big data infrastructure, business intelligence, to online data acquisition, analysis and visualization. Our data science and data engineering teams help organizations better understand their clients, predict future patterns and behaviors, and prevent unexpected costs.

Eye-tracking insights for UX design

In collaboration with Mantu’s UX design experts, our eye-tracking solution helps organizations to thoroughly understand their users’ journeys on online websites and digital platforms. Including high precision testing, user behaviors predictions, and UX design recommendations, our team supports businesses from initial digital platform design through to website audit phases.

Research Axes

The Mantu Innovation Lab is conducting several research projects with the academic sector. Several of our previous research projects are:

Maintenance & bug detection

Bug detection through user behavior analysis in collaboration with INRIA

Natural language understanding

Collaboration with LIRMM including, classification, correspondence of documents and semantic analysis

Anomaly detection

Training LSTM for unsupervised anomaly detection without a priori knowledge

Our projects:

Improving customers' experience through clothes suggestions

Client: A leading international retailer
Goal: Increase sales and customers' experience through tailored items suggestions

Project phases:
- Gather user data: Consumers order and cookies
- Select relevant data: Features selection
- Development of a recommendation model

Optimize the recruitment process with a matching algorithm for candidates and job offers

Client: Internal Solution
Goal: Help recruitment teams to improve their processes using AI to match candidates and job offers

Project components:
- Broad-range taxonomy of skills
- Skill level assessment
- Recommendation model

Leveraging data to optimize digital marketing strategy and sales

Client: a leading international retailer
Goal: To boost customer loyalty by delivering an enhanced customer experience

Leveraging the power of data would allow our client to:
- Understand online customer journeys
- Understand customer perception of the brand and its products
- Anticipate new market trends to inform business strategy
- Identify and proactively address potential brand or product issue
- Benchmark competitor communication strategies
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Understanding the experience of patients and caregivers influenced by a specific disease

Client: A major pharmaceutical company
Project Objectives: The project aims at supporting the client in the acquisition and analysis of public online data to capture different aspects of the social stigma as a burden of disease for patient suffering from a specific disease.
Identification patients and caregivers’ opinions
Understand burden problems and unmet needs linked to the condition

Project phases
-Study protocol and IRB submission
- Data acquisition and preparation
- Data Analysis: • Topic modelling • Aspects extraction • Sentiment analysis • Topic correlation including time series, heat maps, hashtag and aspects co-occurrence • Data visualization, report and recommendations

Bring additional UX design insights to the development of web-based applications using eye-tracking solutions

Client: A digital marketing agency
Goal: Provide an additional UX Design tools to the agency to better accompany their clients in the development of web-based applications and websites

Project phases:
- Identification of the adequate eye-tracking tool to use: Precision eye-tracking, remote eye-tracking alternative to reach a large number of testers, eye tracking prediction
- Identification of the best approach based on the evaluation phase: • UX designer mock-up tests • Audit of current website
- Conducting workshops and running the prediction
- Vizualisation of the results for the UX designers