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of employees stated that they would stay with a company for longer if there were training opportunities available.

In a constantly evolving marketplace, team member training is a must for companies. It’s essential for staying connected to changing market requirements and aligning team skills with business needs.

We strongly believe that training is a powerful tool for tackling tomorrow’s challenges. This, combined with our extensive experience and unparalleled human capital, allows us to understand complex learning needs and to offer the most effective training solutions.
Whether for reskilling or remaining up-to-date, training is a crucial component for a top-performing workforce that delivers value today and tomorrow.


employees of our clients and partners have been trained with us since 2020

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 of participation rate for our learners in 2022


internal training sessions for a total of 1077 hours organized by Academy team since 2021


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Our training solutions

1.Training Strategy

We support you in finding the most suitable training strategy for your target audience, all aligned with your organization’s values, objectives and vision.

3. Training Solution Design

We design and develop a variety of training solutions and deliver F2F, through Webinars, e-learning, blended and even through more immersive means such as AR/VR.

5. Reporting

Through the LMS we will provide you with data on different aspects of your learner’s progress and interaction with the content. You will also have full transparency into shaping the learning experience to best fit your audience.

2. Pre- Production

We work with you to craft the ideal storyboard and transcript for your training and ensure the message and learning objectives are thoroughly defined.

4. Learning Platform (LMS)

We offer a customized and quick-to-implement digital training solution. This Learning Management System (LMS) will provide all the features required for an enriched and inclusive educational experience.

We deliver training across a broad spectrum of hard and soft skills, covering many areas of expertise.

Why Mantu is the partner of choice for training solutions

Since the very beginning, we’ve been aware of our great responsibility to help both people and companies move forward. After 14+ years, our ethos remains the same. We are committed to delivering added value for all our training partners.


We have been designing and providing training for over 14 years.

Our own employees benefit from dedicated learning paths at a worldwide level. Bridging the gap between knowledge and operational application is one of our primary concerns. In 2019, 2241 team members benefited from our powerful training solutions.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Our training organism is a part of a large group with a start-up spirit.

We can adapt to all business contexts and all clients. We boast a great deal of flexibility in terms of strategy, definition, training formats and solution development. We take pride in creating tailored courses that engage people, while remaining relevant to the business.


We have a huge team of experts covering a wide range of topics, industries, and sectors.

Our certified training solutions are powered by experts with extensive and up-to-date operational experience. Our practitioners are adept in understanding concepts and translating them into business reality thanks to their day-to-day experiences.