Mantu x Le Wagon: The impact of AI on the EU job market

2024 is an exciting year for both job seekers and businesses. The integration of AI is revolutionizing the way we approach job searching and recruitment. With Le Wagon, a top tech bootcamps, we present a comprehensive view of these evolving trends. Let’s explore the future of work as it unfolds this year.

About Le Wagon

Le Wagon is a global leader in immersive tech training.

Their mission is to train people from all backgrounds in web development, data and no-code, give them the best learning experience of their life, and help them accelerate in their career.

Le Wagon also helps companies to become more data-driven by leveraging their data and unlocking their peoples’ potential through corporate training.

Founded in Paris in 2013, Le Wagon now has campuses in +40 cities across 25 countries, including global tech hubs such as Berlin, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, and Sao Paulo. Most importantly, Le Wagon gathers a  community of 24,000+ graduates – from all walks of life, including many entrepreneurs (who created 200+ tech startups and raised $1B+ globally), career changers, freelancers or digital nomads.

Looking to learn new skills and build a career in tech? Le Wagon offers training in web development, data, and AI. Learn more at Le Wagon to transform your career and access new opportunities.

Mantu's tech transformation

We are leading the way in AI-driven workplace innovation. We’re not just integrating AI for efficiency; we’re using it to create new opportunities and enhance our services. By automating tasks and developing new tools, we’re staying ahead in the industry and supporting our team’s growth. Discover the potential of AI with Mantu and be part of a company that’s shaping the future.

Integration of AI for Mantu's team

In its journey towards digital evolution, Mantu isn’t merely adopting AI but embracing it wholeheartedly. Mantu is committed to leveraging the best of AI in a concrete, applicable, and immediate way for its team and has established a dedicated taskforce, aiming to promote and adopt AI tools group-wide, accelerate processes, boost productivity and be recognized as a key AI consulting player. An example among many? Everyone at Mantu could benefit from the Mantu AI Toolbox, a centralized suite of AI-powered tools to optimize core operations and reach business objectives more efficiently.

Integration of AI for Mantu's clients

Mantu’s commitment to AI extends beyond internal operations, offering bespoke AI services to clients. Mantu is convinced that the key challenge in adopting AI for companies lies in understanding through which methodology to do it. That’s why they have deployed a unique and pragmatic approach, by transmitting the basics of using generative AI tools to all stakeholders of the company: Mantu’s own “AI 101”!

The promise? To enable everyone to save 10% of their time starting next Monday.

Through its historical brand Amaris Consulting, Mantu crafts advanced solutions to help clients sixteen AI opportunities, with remote Open House sessions, expert-led workshops initiating targeted strategies, implementation of a secure generative AI model, or AI Now! an onsite workshop for leaders, accelerating understanding and adoption, with Actionable and Immediate levers.

We are hiring!

Have a look at our exciting new openings in tech positions and explore our opportunities:

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