AI and Disruptive Technologies, Future of Work, and Sustainable Development: Mantu’s 2024 ambitions

Mantu shares its ambitions for 2024, focusing on the deployment and integration of AI, exploring new growth levers, and reaching its sustainable goals.

With 11,500 talents in over 60 countries and a total revenue of one billion euros, Mantu encompasses 10 brands – including the most recent acquisition, Arneo, a digital creative agency acquired in 2023 – to provide its clients with comprehensive support: from corporate leadership and purpose, through technological and managerial transformation, to digital experience, while integrating challenges related to the future of work.

Mantu’s 2024 bold ambitions

In 2024, the Group, founded in 2007 in Geneva and present in over 60 countries across five continents, will continue to implement its strategic plan Pioneer I, unveiled 18 months ago, with 2025 as the target. Among its key ambitions:

  • Continue large-scale integration of artificial intelligence within teams and for its clients. Since early 2023, the Group has embarked on a major transformation project to foster widespread adoption of this technology, tailored to the practices and functions of each profession. True to its philosophy of offering clients solutions already tested internally, Mantu, through its flagship brand Amaris Consulting, supports several major accounts with a range of tailor-made services, such as implementing secure generative AI models integrated directly into the client’s IT architecture. Its AI Now! offering is based on face-to-face seminars for executive committees, sharing immediate and actionable solutions, in line with the Group’s pragmatic vision.
  • Explore new growth avenues by leveraging emerging disruptive technologies, through its brands Amaris Consulting and Novelab, and addressing issues related to the future of work with its brands LittleBig Connection and Portalia.
  • Address the challenges faced by business leaders of all sizes. With digital transformation, the rise of social media, and the multiplication of communication channels, reputation and crisis communication are increasingly important. In this context, issues of double materiality and regulatory and environmental compliance must be addressed concurrently. These topics are particularly championed within the Group by the brand WEMEAN, which assists leaders in revealing the purpose of their projects and enhancing their positive impact.

Relying in its history and core values

Gathering 11,500 talents with an average age just above 30 years, Mantu offers diverse opportunities across its geographies and business areas, in consulting as well as business and corporate roles (HR, IT, finance, etc.). 70% of its top management started their careers at the entry level, reflecting a strong culture of mentoring, coaching, and meritocracy.

Founded 17 years ago, Mantu has experienced strong and rapid growth since its inception, reaching nearly 100 million euros in revenue a bit more than 5 years after its founding and surpassing 500 million in 2020. Entirely independent, the company, which generates a total revenue of one billion euros, remains fully in the hands of its leaders and teams.

With a year 2023 marked by innovation and transformation, Mantu looks forward with ambition and confidence to 2024, driven by the desire to sustainably support its clients in their transformation.

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Mantu makes strides in sustainability

A major achievement in Mantu’s sustainability efforts: the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) has officially validated our decarbonization targets, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s commitment to a greener future.