Dancing in denim: a unique collection launch


Novelab, a Mantu brand, was approached by a luxury fashion house to help launch its exclusive jean collection. The fashion house sought Novelab’s expertise in creating an innovative boutique experience that would highlight its new collection and foster deeper connections between customers and the brand.


In three of the fashion house’s flagship boutiques — in Paris, Hong Kong, and Bangkok — Novelab unveiled a unique interactive experience. Customers stepping into these boutiques were drawn to a customized installation featuring a mirror on top of a screen. Prompted by a strategically placed QR code, customers launched a web application on their phones. Within the app, they were asked to select their current mood, with options such as powerful, romantic, lucky, etc.  

In a delightful twist, each mood revealed a distinct jean design from the new collection. In tandem, a dance that captured the essence of each mood, performed in the corresponding jeans, would seamlessly play on screen in the boutiques. The dance sequences, choreographed and performed by an accomplished dancer, had been pre-recorded.  

The ingenious design of the installation gave the illusion of the customer dancing, as the mirror reflected the customer’s upper body, while the screen, conveniently situated at waist height, displayed the dancer’s footwork adorned in the corresponding jeans. This created a personal, immersive experience, making it seem like the customer’s own legs were dancing in jeans from the new collection. 

The customers were given the opportunity to record a video of the experience, which they could then share on social media, organically promoting the fashion house.    

The entire endeavor was meticulously coordinated and executed by Novelab. 

Client benefits

The response to the installation was resoundingly enthusiastic. This innovative collection launch bolstered brand engagement and visibility. It amplified customer interactions and also garnered high praise from the fashion house’s executive leadership team.  

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