Accelerating digital evolution in the automotive industry


A prominent automotive manufacturer sought to embrace digitalization across diverse departments, including Marketing, Sales, After-Sales, Distribution Networks, and Professional Clients. The aim was to improve operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience. 


A comprehensive strategy was crafted by Arneo, a Mantu brand, and a dedicated team of nine experts was assembled to provide hands-on support. The team comprised product owners, project management officers, and Salesforce functional consultants. Additionally, tasks were outsourced for efficient production as needed. 

Over an eight-year partnership, a multitude of business applications have successfully been developed. These applications include campaign performance reports, lead processing, and business metrics. These tools provide valuable insights for continuous improvement. 

Client benefits

This collaboration facilitated a successful digital transformation journey, positioning the client at the forefront of innovation in the automotive industry. A comprehensive strategy and tailored solutions have empowered the manufacturer to enhance operational efficiency and elevate the customer experience across various departments. 

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