From losses to gains: a journey to profit recovery


A global grocery retail leader approached Valuement, a Mantu brand, for insight regarding issues it was having in its payment process. With a vast network and countless transactions, it struggled with discrepancies and errors in its financial system, stemming from retro discounts, account payable mistakes, and missed payments.  

The client’s challenges were manifold: it wanted to analyze the financial losses, pinpoint the root of profit loss, implement a robust risk recovery procedure, minimize risk factors, and enhance the overall efficiency of its procurement process.


Valuement’s strategy to meet these challenges was structured and comprehensive.

Valuement started by sourcing key documents, including contracts and supplier agreements, and processing system data. It then meticulously analyzed commercial conditions with suppliers and scrutinized financial transactions. This included a detailed review of incoming and outgoing payments, identifying discrepancies, and understanding the underlying causes.  

Post-analysis, Valuement took charge of confirming all discrepancies and monitoring refunds.   

Lastly, Valuement delivered a detailed report highlighting compliance with the development strategy and identifying potential risk areas. This report would act as a roadmap for the client’s future strategic initiatives. 

Client benefits

The outcome of this collaboration led to tangible financial recovery, confirmed by suppliers, along with increased revenue from previously overlooked benefits and discounts. Beyond financial gains, Valuement’s work led to the customization of the grocery retailer’s existing systems, significant improvement in internal processes, and a more streamlined and risk-averse procurement procedure.  

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