Battery-powered progress: steering toward sustainability

In an era marked by pressing sustainability challenges, businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of adopting environmentally responsible practices. Embracing regulatory measures becomes crucial as companies strive to promote sustainability and contribute to a greener future. Discover how Mantu brand Amaris Consulting supported Porsche Engineering in moving away from the development of engine-based vehicles to focus on battery-based ones.


Battery breakthroughs: engineering a sustainable drive

Porsche Engineering is a wholly owned subsidiary of the sports car manufacturer Porsche AG, part of the wider Volkswagen Group. Porsche Engineering has made a noteworthy shift in its priorities by moving away from the development of engine-based vehicles and instead focusing on battery-based ones. This change was essential to meet the EU vehicle regulations that will take effect in 2035 and to contribute to a more sustainable future.

To achieve this, Porsche Engineering turned to Amaris Consulting. The Mantu brand delivered vital technical and organizational expertise to assist its client in developing advanced high-voltage battery management systems, charging stations, and vehicle transmissions. Their support enabled Porsche Engineering’s technological, organizational, and contextual transformation, considering factors like budget, timeframe, and available expertise. Thus, their expert guidance paved the way for a seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies and efficient organizational processes.

The collaboration between Amaris and Porsche Engineering has yielded impressive results, culminating in the creation of innovations that perform exceptionally well across a variety of use cases and environments.

Porsche Engineering achieved success by transitioning their focus from engine-based vehicles to battery-based ones. They emphasize the importance for businesses to adopt a similar approach in order to meet the upcoming EU vehicle regulations in 2035 and contribute to building a more sustainable future.

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