Modernizing retail stores through effective project management

In the modern business landscape, the significance of project management remains surprisingly overlooked by some industry leaders—a costly miscalculation, to say the least. In fact, recent research reveals that companies that undervalue the role of project management experience on average 67% more outright project failures compared to those that prioritize it. Moreover, around 11.4% of investment is lost due to poor project performance.

As a prestigious Swiss luxury watchmaker prepared to launch an ambitious project, it recognized the pitfalls that awaited initiatives undertaken without proper project management. Realizing the need for specialized expertise, the watchmaker turned to Mantu brand Amaris Consulting, seeking its support in ensuring the project’s seamless execution and success.

Ticking towards transformation: project management in action

The Swiss watchmaker needed project management guidance in replacing its decade-old, high-maintenance point of sales (POS) system that slowed transactions and caused service disruptions. 

It wanted to transition to a new POS system across its 100 boutiques in 14 countries.

This extensive project was guided by Amaris Consulting consultants. In the planning phase, its project manager helped assess which POS system best suited the client’s needs.  

Following that, Amaris Consulting oversaw the revamping of the existing data flows to align with the new system. This involved liaising with teams across the retail chain  — including supply chain, finance, and customer service  — to guarantee seamless data flow integration across diverse systems (ERP, CRM, etc.). This integration necessitated meticulous coordination, and the complexity of the deployment was amplified by its international dimension.  

The consulting team ran a pilot installation in Switzerland to ensure the new system met expectations before full-scale roll out. 

Amaris Consulting’s project and roll out management expertise guaranteed smooth installation across all 100 boutiques without interruption to operations. Additionally, its team created guidelines to allow the client to independently install the POS system.  

Relying heavily on automation, the new system reduced manual dependencies, bringing about a significant enhancement in operational efficiency at the watchmaker’s boutiques.  

Implementing the new POS system resulted in a 20-25% reduction in processing time. Boutique staff can now devote more attention to delivering excellent customer service. 

This case serves as a compelling testament to the value of expert guidance, meticulous planning, and a forward-thinking approach. It’s a reminder to businesses everywhere that with the right partners and strategies, they can achieve outstanding results.

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