Streamlining access management to improve security

In today’s digital world, railway networks worldwide are ramping up their digital security to improve security. Tightening transportation cybersecurity is critical for the safety of train operators and passengers. Read on to discover how Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, stepped in to refine the access management system of a train company. 

Track to safety: Amaris Consulting’s blueprint to improve security  

A leading train company was at a crossroads, grappling with the challenge of regulating access to its intricate systems. Recurring issues were threatening to derail its operations. The company was battling connection problems, system malfunctions, and sluggish response times in addressing access issues. With the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity reporting that 45% of cyber-attacks target the transport sector, the necessity for a fortified access management system that can meet the demands of a modern transport network become clear.  

Amaris Consulting’s approach was to forge a resilient cybersecurity infrastructure that would stand the test of time and endure through technological advancements. The goal was to slash system downtime by honing incident resolution and sharpening diagnostic tools, giving the train company the ability to quickly pinpoint and fix issues. Amaris also enhanced communication channels, enabling the right teams to mobilize swiftly and effectively at the first sign of trouble to improve security.

At the heart of this approach was the CyberArk tool, a cutting-edge access management solution.

Amaris Consulting optimized this tool to fortify the train company’s control over user access, ensuring that sensitive digital assets remained locked down to all but those with explicit authorization. 

The results of this partnership were transformative. The train company saw a notable drop in the time taken to resolve technical issues. The new more powerful diagnostic tools provided deeper insight into each issue, enabling not only quick fixes but also informed strategies to prevent future disruptions. Crisis management procedures, once a significant burden, were streamlined, freeing up the team to focus more on proactive security measures.

With a streamlined access management system in place, the team now has more time to address new user needs and adapt to emerging security demands. This transformation, driven by Amaris Consulting, marks a milestone in the train company’s journey towards cyber resilience, embodying a critical principle for modern transport: to lead the pack is to prioritize and continually improve security. 

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