First job? 5 tips to rock your interviews

Hey there, future game-changers! Thinking about joining our community? Mantu is more than a career choice—it’s a global adventure. We deeply believe in the young generation of pioneers as —70% of our leaders joined the company at entry-level, with an average age slightly above 30 years old. We value the growth, and we’re all about giving young talents like you a place to shine.

Your drive for curiosity and never-ending learning aligns perfectly with what we’re looking at Mantu. Ready to embrace boldness and grow with a company that’s continuously transforming? Here are 5 tips you need to know while preparing your interviews with us. 

Kickstart your Mantu adventure

Starting point – the initial chat: Begin with a 30-minute conversation with our recruitment team to discuss about your ambitions and how they align with Mantu’s mission. We’re eager to discover the person behind the resume, understanding your passions and potential. 

Deep dive – The three-part interview process: If we vibe in the first call, we will dive deeper with 3 interviews of one hour.  

    • First interview: Discover your potential Manager or the Director. In this interview you will know more about your role, your mission, the challenges, and the skills we value. It’s the perfect time to highlighting your achievements and any projects or successes you’re proud of. We want to know about your latest projects or success during your school year or during your internship you are proud of. 

    • Second interview: Meet a senior leader or your future teammates. This is your time to share what you’ve discovered about us and how thrilled you are to join us and how well we fit with your expectation. After our first talk, here’s where you really get to connect and show your excitement to join our community! 

    • Third interview: The final round will be with the Director. This interview might just end with a job offer if we’re a perfect match.  

Show us your skills: For some roles, we will challenge you with a practical assignment to showcase your problem-solving and innovation capacities. Show us your best skills. 

Engage and envision: During these three interviews this is your moment to learn everything about Mantu, ask questions, and ensure we’re the right fit for you as well. Imagine your future growth with us and how you’d fit into our vibrant community. 

5 key tips to nail your interviews

1. Embodies Mantu’s Values: Share your unique experiences and viewpoints. Mantu thrives on authenticity and the unique stories everyone brings. To give you a few insights on our values:

    • Pioneer Spirit: Show your innovative side and how you’ve tackled problems creatively. 

    • Care: Demonstrate empathy and how you’ve supported team members or contributed to community projects. 

    • Trust: Share instances where you were trusted with responsibilities and how you delivered. 

    • Performance: Highlight your achievements and how you measure success. 

    • Independence: Discuss how you’ve independently driven projects or learning. 

Dive into our Sustainability report for more insights. 

2. Showcase your bold ideas: Got a groundbreaking idea or a unique approach to a problem? We’re all ears! Mantu loves out-of-the-box thinking that shakes things up. So, don’t hold back and let your creativity run wild during the interviews. Meet Manon, in V.I.E in Geneva 

3. Tech and AI enthusiasts wanted: Your knack for technology and AI isn’t just an asset—it’s your superpower. At Mantu, we value your tech proficiency and your drive to stay ahead of the curve, always ready to embrace the newest trends and breakthroughs. If AI excites you, you’ve found the perfect place with us.  Discover more about it at Mantu x AI

4. Stay curious, keep growing: The learning never stops at Mantu. From enhancing a tech skill to diving into new projects, your thirst for knowledge is what makes you stand out. We support your growth journey with over 300 courses on the Mantu Academy and AI-focused internal webinars. Let’s evolve together, both personally and professionally. 

5. Be a leader, make an impact: Mantu isn’t just about finding talents; we’re looking for future leaders eager to make a difference and to share their adventure with our community. Share how you envision contributing to Mantu’s mission and making a broader impact. 

What’s in it for you?

Embark on a Mantu journey where innovation, diversity, and endless possibilities fuel your career.  We’re not just offering a job, we’re inviting you to join a community that celebrates you. Ready to dive into exciting projects, learn endlessly, and make a real difference? Discover the Life at Mantu 

Ready to dive in? 

With these tips, you’re all set to leave a mark in your Mantu interview. We’re excited to welcome more talented people to join our international team of 11,500 people. Let’s connect! 

Looking for more pro tips? We’ve hosted impactful workshops at business and engineering schools that could give you an edge. Looking for some insider tips? We’re pros at helping junior profile get their recruitment game on point, don’t hesitate to contact us at for more insights. 

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