Announcing Mantu’s PVP!

Through surveys and in-depth conversations with our team members, we aimed to grasp their views on the unique benefits Mantu provides and the reasons they value being part of our community. Their shared insights and experiences are the core pillars of our People Value Proposition, which  characterizes  Mantu, and makes us stand out as an employer of choice. Curious about these defining pillars? Let’s dive in…

Mantu is more than just a company – we are a vibrant community bound together by our passion for making a real difference in the world. And at the heart of our community lies our capacity to inspire one another. We’ve built a supportive environment where our team members learn from each other, share their aspirations, and confront obstacles as a team. 

As Francesco Fuso, our Group Risk Officer, observes, “There is a natural focus on the things that unite people rather than on what separates them. This fosters a culture of inclusivity and genuine understanding.”

Empowering our people to reach their full potential is the cornerstone of our culture. We entrust our people with the means and responsibilities to make a real impact. Our team members take ownership of their work and are open to tackling new challenges. This approach cultivates a sense of autonomy and purpose within our community, providing ample opportunities for each team member to thrive and make their mark on our organization.  

Offering a glimpse into our methods, Andrea Saba, Talent Acquisition Manager at Mantu brand Amaris Consulting, says: “Active listening, pilot projects, and consistent feedback are all central to our empowerment strategy. We deeply value our team’s insights, actively introduce innovative initiatives, and ensure a clear path for career progression.”

Joining Mantu’s community unlocks a world of opportunities for personal and professional growth. With a presence in more than 60 countries, we encourage our team members to develop international experiences, take their careers on a journey to new and exciting destinations, and immerse themselves in new cultures. Collaborating with colleagues from around the world enables our people to embrace new perspectives and innovative ways of thinking, making it a fundamental aspect of the Mantu journey.

Georgi Gevorgyan, Product Manager at Mantu brand LittleBig Connection recalls his initial reservations about being an outsider in a new environment: “I felt a bit timid about joining the Barcelona office at first, wondering how I’d fit in as a foreigner. But the moment I entered the office, those doubts vanished. I was surrounded by so many languages and soon realized that my team was a blend of locals and other internationals, with each person contributing their own unique professional and cultural insights.”

Another way we prioritize our people’s growth and development is by offering them a large array of upskilling opportunities through the Mantu Academy. With more than 200 courses available in a wide range of topics, including software development, finance, and marketing, our team members can acquire new skills and knowledge across various disciplines to help them realize their ambitions.  

Estelle Dethu, Senior Corporate HR Officer, reflecting on her journey with us, says “From the moment I started at Mantu as a Campus Relationships Coordinator, my growth trajectory has been rapid. In just one year, I orchestrated 100 events, and in my second year, I was already overseeing corporate recruitment across Europe.

Three years in, my interest in HR caught attention, paving the way for a lateral shift. I’ve transitioned through five roles in six years, each move reflecting the company’s belief in my potential.

Here, stories like mine aren’t exceptional. I see colleagues growing in all directions, getting to explore diverse roles within the Group, and expanding their skillset constantly.”

A key ingredient to Mantu’s success is our fundamental belief in the power of communication.

We recognize that transparent and open communication is critical to building trust and collaborating effectively, which is why we prioritize it in all aspects of our business. This allows our people to work seamlessly across our network of brands, collaborate cross-functionally, and participate in projects beyond their immediate scope to the betterment of their careers.  

Mantu’s raison d’etre of “building the next generation of sustainable pioneers” underscores our unwavering commitment to creating a better future for all. This dedication to sustainability is deeply ingrained in our community, with each member eager to effect positive change on both society and the planet.

We pursue projects that prioritize sustainable growth and development, understanding the value sustainability can bring to both our clients and our communities. Our team members witness firsthand the impact of their contributions on our organization, our clients, and the world around them.

Our accessible leadership team is committed to nurturing the development and ambitions of our people as they strive to make a difference. Alexandra Arce Armador, Amaris Consulting’s Operational Director, attests to this, ” One of the most profound impacts on my career has been the guidance and support from my mentors and managers these past nine years. They have consistently valued my perspective and encouraged me, helping me discover strengths I didn’t even know I possessed.”

We invite you to join a team where your ideas, ambitions, and contributions are valued and recognized. We’ve created a borderless community where individuals can feel part of a team, where responsibility is given quickly, and where we bring out the best in our people by giving them the right opportunities. Tap into your talent and make a meaningful impact with Mantu. 

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