From KEDGE Business School to Recruitment Director at Mantu: meet Emylie Dumont!

In collaboration with KEDGE Alumni, we are delighted to share Emylie’s inspiring career journey. Discover her path from being a young graduate to becoming Recruitment Director at Mantu. Read her full interview on KEDGE Alumni here

Her first steps at KEDGE Business School 

Emylie graduated from KEDGE Marseille in 2016 with a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, Project Management, and Human Resources. During her time at KEDGE, she was actively involved in the ACCEDE Provence Entrepreneurs association, where she managed the Communications department from 2013 to 2014.  

ACCEDE is an association I highly recommend. It provided me with essential skills that were invaluable at the start of my career: teamwork, discipline, mutual support, basics in finance, entrepreneurship, and event organization. It was a first step into the professional world that I greatly appreciated,” said Emylie.  

KEDGE Business School: more than just education 

“KEDGE helped shape who I am today, through its projects and associations. After two years of preparatory classes, my experience in business projects and group activities allowed me to develop my initial skills in project management, prospecting, finance, negotiation, and more,” shared Emylie. 

Mantu: a journey of growth and opportunities 

Starting as an intern, Emylie quickly advanced at Mantu, working as a Talent Acquisition Officer in Mauritius and Barcelona. Today, she is the Recruitment Director for Corporate and Business functions, playing a key role in driving Mantu’s talent acquisition strategy. 

“My team consists of 30 people, spread across several countries. Each recruiter is responsible for specific profiles, covering both business and corporate functions. Their role is twofold: identifying and recruiting the best talents, and supporting the managers they recruit for by sharing the latest recruitment trends and advice for a successful interview process that aligns with our image.”

“We often think about preparing candidates, but those who recruit also need support to master all the key aspects! At the Group level, we are recruiting 4,000 people across more than 60 countries this year. In a single workday, I easily travel around the world several times via video conference!” emphasizes Emylie.  

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Emylie’s personal goals and Mantu’s vision 

“My objectives as the Recruitment Director for Business and Corporate functions haven’t changed much since the first day I became a manager because what drives me almost every day is supporting and helping my teams grow. I want to help them reach their full potential, develop their skills to the maximum, and most importantly, thrive in their work.

At Mantu, we believe that a person will always perform better in a position they truly love, and having experienced this myself, it’s essential for me to share this vision with my team.”

Said Emylie. 

Mantu’s organizational goals 

From a more organizational perspective, Mantu aims to continue the large-scale integration of artificial intelligence within our teams and with our clients. In 2023, we launched a major transformation project to promote AI adoption, closely aligning with the practices and operations of each profession. Building on a proven internal approach, we are now supporting several major clients in their AI integration with a range of tailored solutions. 

“On the environmental front, the SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative) validated our decarbonization goals at the end of 2023, enabling us to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, showing our strong commitment to an ambitious trajectory in terms of sustainable development”, highlighted Emylie.  

“Each year, we meet more than 10,000 candidates, which is approximately 40 interviews per day! We are mainly looking for candidates who are eager to learn, who seek opportunities that will help them grow and progress, and who are willing to put in the effort to achieve this.” 

Explained Emylie. 

“Open-mindedness is crucial in recruiting our future talents, to give them the opportunity to work worldwide. At Mantu, it is not uncommon to meet talents who have lived on three different continents and who speak four languages fluently”.

Mantu is an exciting place for ambitious young candidates looking for internships, apprenticeships, or international experience. Emylie’s journey is the perfect example of the career growth and development opportunities we offer. If you are driven, ready to take on challenges, and eager to grow, Mantu provides the perfect environment for a thriving career. 

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