Sport excellence meets business

For a week, Mathilde Petriaux, a distinguished field hockey goalkeeper for France, embarked on a unique journey with Mantu, specifically exploring its Amaris Consulting branch. Delve into her insightful experience, showcasing how the principles of sports excellence can be ingeniously integrated into the business realm. 

A pro athlete’s business insight

Mathilde’s background as an elite athlete provided a novel perspective in the corporate sphere. She observed significant similarities between team dynamics in sports and business consulting. Her insights highlight the value of integrating sports professionals into business, bringing unique skills and values to the corporate world. 

“Mantu’s ethos of striving for excellence mirrors the environment of high-level sports.”

Mantu’s human-centric philosophy  

At the heart of Mantu lies its human-centric philosophy and a challenge-driven ethos, which resonated profoundly with Mathilde. She was particularly impressed by Mantu’s meritocratic culture, echoing her values as an athlete. “Mantu’s focus on effort, competence, and excellence parallels the sporting culture I’m accustomed to” Furthermore, Mantu’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with its focus on inclusion, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility, harmonizes with Mathilde’s ethos as a psychomotrician, prioritizing human well-being.

Insights from a psychomotrician  

As a psychomotrician, Mathilde combines managerial acumen with emotional intelligence, empathy, and active listening. “These soft skills, rooted in my psychomotricity background, are crucial for effective and empathetic management,” she points out. Her observations underscore the importance of incorporating personal development skills in business education, emphasizing self-awareness and emotional intelligence as key to managerial success. 

Advantages of merging athletes with business  

Mathilde’s stint at Mantu highlights the reciprocal benefits of integrating athletes into the work world. Athletes contribute unique skills like resilience, team spirit, and a focus on performance. For athletes, such corporate experiences provide a pathway to new professional opportunities post-sports, helping them develop relevant skills.

“The fusion of high-level sports and business consulting offers substantial value to both sectors.”

Mathilde’s experience at Mantu not only demonstrated the synergy between elite sports and consulting but also aligned with ATHLEO SPORT‘s mission to assist athletes and businesses in their transitional phases. Mantu, as a partner of ATHLEO SPORT, underscores its dedication to fostering these dynamic collaborations. Integrating athletes into corporate settings cultivates a vibrant, performance-driven, and people-focused culture, promoting shared growth and innovation. 

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