The VIE experience at Mantu: Bucharest edition

The VIE experience serves as a true stepping stone toward a career within Mantu. Countless managers and directors, who now hold key positions, embarked on their professional journey as VIEs. Our global Mantu community thrives with 200 VIEs spread across each continent, and in 2023, we eagerly anticipate welcoming 4,000 talented individuals as part of our continuous growth initiative. We invite you to explore our informative article by clicking here to gain deeper insights into the VIE experience.

Now, let us give you a glimpse of what your VIE experience could entail by working in our dynamic Bucharest hub.

Why should people be interested in having a Bucharest VIE experience?

Bucharest the capital of Romania, boasts a thriving job market encompassing diverse industries, including technology and finance. The city harmoniously combines modern and historical architecture, offering a rich cultural heritage that’s attracting a growing number of expatriates.

Gain insight from some of our people who have lived and worked in Bucharest, as we share feedback from Maria-Désirée, Hub Talent Acquisition Manager, Iléana, Compensation & Benefits Manager, and Julie, HR Partner.

Bucharest: opportunities for growth

Mantu’s hubs span vibrant cities across the globe, drawing talented individuals from diverse functions and brands.

Bucharest offers the opportunity to actively contribute to the development of the hub, as exemplified by Iléana’s journey. She moved to Bucharest through Mantu’s VIE program, assuming the role of Senior HR Officer, and later adopted the Hub Manager position. Similarly, Maria-Désirée’s decision to relocate to Bucharest was driven by a compelling job opportunity at Mantu. Her talent, skills, and dedication led to her being promoted within a year to the role of Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, where she now manages a dedicated team. Julie initially planned to work in Bucharest for six months but ended up staying for over a year due to her positive experience!

Bucharest has a rich history and a vibrant culture. Thanks to its strategic location and affordable flight options, VIEs in Bucharest have the opportunity to easily explore Romania’s stunning countryside and other cities. The surrounding countryside offers incredible hiking opportunities, such as the Carpathian Mountains, the Danube Delta, and the Black Sea coast, the latter often referred to as the Romanian Ibiza. Moreover, Romania is home to iconic castles, including the well-known Bran Castle, famously associated with Dracula.

Bucharest is a dynamic city where English is widely spoken, even among the older generations, making communication and integration effortless. It embraces a diverse community of expatriates, francophones, and Erasmus students, resulting in abundant networking opportunities. The city offers a lively nightlife scene, offering round-the-clock entertainment options. As a continuously evolving city, Bucharest is constantly developing new attractions, ensuring that there is always something exciting to explore.

A day in Bucharest is never enough

Embark on a journey through Bucharest, where you can experience a typical day filled with cultural gems, serene parks, historic landmarks, and delicious food:

  • 9:00 AM: enjoy breakfast in the town center, and discover dishes like “colțunași” (Romanian-style dumplings) filled with cheese, jam, or meat, served with sour cream. Bucharest is known for its delicious pastries: you can find various sweet treats like “plăcinte” for breakfast (traditional Romanian pies filled with cheese, apples, or other fruits).
  • 10:00 AM: stroll in the Old Town, also known as Lipscani, the historic center of Bucharest.  You’ll find beautiful 19th-century buildings, narrow streets, and cozy cafes. It’s a great place to walk around and take pictures.
  • 11:00 AM: visit the Palace of Parliament. It is the second-largest administrative building in the world and an iconic symbol of Bucharest. It was built during the communist regime and has 12 floors, over 1,000 rooms, and a total floor area of 365,000 square meters. It’s open for guided tours, where you can see impressive hallways, decorations, and artwork.
  • 2:00 PM: check out the Village Museum. It is an open-air museum in Herastrau Park, where you can see traditional Romanian houses, churches, and other buildings from different regions of the country. It’s a great way to learn about Romania’s rural communities’ culture, architecture, and way of life.
  • 5:00 PM: explore the Cotroceni Palace. It is the official residence of the President of Romania and a historical and cultural landmark. It was built in the 17th century as a monastery and has undergone many transformations over the years. It’s open for guided tours, where you can see beautiful hallways, an inspiring collection of art, and learn the history of Romanian politics.
  • 6:00 PM: spend time in the National Museum of Art of Romania. This museum hosts an impressive Romanian and European art collection, including paintings, sculptures, and decorative art. It’s housed in a beautiful building, the former Royal Palace, and offers a glimpse into Romania’s artistic heritage.
  • 10:00 PM: experience the alternative scene. Bucharest also offers alternative nightlife options. Explore the artsy and underground venues in various neighborhoods and squares. These places often host alternative music events, art exhibitions, and themed parties.

In Bucharest, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a world of diverse traditions, rich history, and captivating folklore.

So, are you ready to embark on your own VIE experience? Do you dream of exploring the vibrant city of Bucharest and joining a dynamic international group like Mantu? Look no further! Discover our offers and apply today!

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