Leveraging AI in healthcare to decode obesity

Obesity poses a substantial risk to public health: the World Obesity Federation’s 2023 Atlas predicts that 51% of the world, more than four billion people, will be obese or overweight within the next 12 years. Obesity and its associated comorbidities have significant impacts on health and productivity. While treatable, it is a tough disease to tackle once established. Therefore, implementing effective preventive measures is crucial to prevent excessive body weight gain and obesity.

AI-powered healthcare solutions

The role of genetics in obesity has become increasingly evident, with a growing body of research indicating that certain gene variants and mutations contribute to its onset and progression.  These studies reveal the complex pathogenic framework of obesity, involving many gene interactions and various environmental factors. Consequently, pinpointing biomarkers that signal a predisposition to obesity and related metabolic disorders is a crucial step in addressing this health challenge.

Beyond genetic predisposition, adult obesity and its associated complications can often be traced back to early developmental factors.

Childhood obesity is a significant predictor of obesity later in life. While lifestyle choices and dietary patterns during early years are known to be influential, other elements also play a role from the periconceptional period through to gestation and infancy. Critical among these are mental health conditions and the geo-economic environment in which an individual is raised.

Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, has leveraged its expertise to participate in the eprObes project. This project aims to identify factors and mechanisms associated with excessive weight gain during critical maturation periods. The goal is to establish tailored preventive measures to curb obesity and its co-morbidities. This project is divided into several work packages, with Amaris focusing on identifying biomarkers for early detection and creating AI-based decision support systems to prevent and treat overweight and obesity.

Additionally, Amaris is responsible for determining the relative significance of various obesity determinants and designing strategies for preventive intervention. Amaris is also developing digital platform prototypes that support real-time intervention strategy decision-making, serving both healthcare providers and patients, including the families of the latter.

Amaris Consulting’s innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to shaping a healthier world are fuelling its pursuit to create and develop impactful solutions for healthcare professionals and patients.

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