Sustainable innovation

Did you know?


of workers want their CEO to take the lead in driving change and innovation.


of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared in the past 20 years.


drop in disruptive ideas once a team grows beyond 50 people.

Creating new methods, ideas, products, or services which add value to the lives of consumers has been the starting point of most entrepreneurs; making this process repeatable is the goal of sustainable innovation.

The stakes:

When uncertainty looms, many organizations’ first instinct is to retreat and adopt a defensive financial position; funding for innovation of any kind is often one of the first casualties.

Unfortunately, for organizations with competitors which chose to continue innovation projects while they cease, it may be very difficult to make up for lost time.

Those who do find ways to continue to innovate behind the scenes, even if at a reduced rate, stand to gain a meaningful competitive advantage post-crisis.

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