Thriving in hyper-growth: the role of HR professionals

In the fast-paced environment of hyper-growth companies like Mantu, the human resources department play a vital role that extends beyond operational tasks. On International Human Resources Day, let’s delve into the distinctive aspects of being part of the HR department in this context, highlighting the freedom, pace, and collaboration that define this dynamic role.

The fundamental triangulation of HR, Business, and Finance

Collaboration and coordination are essential for human resources professionals, who interact closely with various stakeholders, including business teams and finance departments. HR’s success lies in fostering transparency, promoting a broad vision, and building strong relationships with the business. As facilitators and guardians of the organizational culture, human resources experts excel in gathering and transforming information to support effective growth, demonstrating a deep understanding of the business.

Balancing structure, agility, and flexibility

Striking the right balance between structure, agility, and flexibility is crucial for HR professionals in hyper-growth companies. Rapid growth can pose challenges when established frameworks are lacking, and rigid processes may hinder progress. Human resources professionals are allies of the business teams. They must find innovative ways to streamline operations while supporting the organization’s agility and entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, they adapt strategies to leverage international strengths while respecting local nuances, ensuring a harmonious blend of global expertise and localized effectiveness.

Moreover, organic expansion, like Mantu’s, means that human resources teams face the challenge of maintaining flexibility while harmonizing diverse employee practices. Integration efforts may require aligning compensation grids and privileges, demanding creative problem-solving skills. And this makes HR’s role of ambassador of the company’s culture even more important.

Managing urgency and vision

Navigating the fast-paced hyper-growth environment requires HR professionals to balance managing current operations with maintaining a clear vision for the future. While the urgency of the present can overshadow long-term considerations, forward-thinking is essential for sustainable growth. By investing time and effort in anticipating future developments, industry trends, and organizational requirements, HR professionals align HR initiatives with the company’s trajectory, ensuring long-term success.

On the other hand, they must maintain a relentless pace, coordinating effectively to support the business in its rapid growth. The role of human resources evolves rapidly, adapting to the changing needs and scaling stages of the organization. The ability to embrace change, and resilience to navigate this dynamic landscape is crucial to keep balancing speed and stamina.

Embracing freedom and exciting challenges

In hyper-growth companies, HR professionals experience unparalleled freedom and engage with a broad set of topics. Unlike traditional roles often focused on cost-cutting, HR in dynamic environments fosters engagement, attractiveness, and career development. Budget considerations become tools for competitiveness, expanding the scope of human resources.

At Mantu, financial independence empowers HR professionals to make impactful choices aligned with the company’s internal desires and needs. The emphasis on freedom and initiative encourages pioneer endeavors, fostering continuous innovation and personal growth.

Being part of the HR team in a hyper-growth company is a journey of continuous learning, allowing for accelerated career paths, where teams can take on rapid responsibilities, in line with the company’s growth – averaging around 40% annual growth for Mantu since its inception. While hyper-growth comes with its fair share of challenges, it is also a tremendous career accelerator, not only for HR professionals but for all roles within the company.

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