Banking on the metaverse


As the metaverse grows in popularity, businesses must adapt for growth, brand recognition, and innovation to remain competitive and relevant while reaching new audiences.


Banque Populaire Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, renowned for their digital adaptability, partnered with Novelab, a Mantu brand, for a three-phase metaverse immersive experience. This experience began with a 25-minute keynote, followed by select bank personnel exploring a custom virtual world via headset, while others watched through a live feed. The journey culminated with a metaverse workshop, enabling a broader segment of the talent community to immerse themselves in the experience.

Novelab meticulously crafted a virtual world to demonstrate the vast array of opportunities the metaverse holds for banking institutions. Cutting-edge technology facilitated real-time interaction, offering a glimpse into transformative possibilities.

Client benefits

This forward-thinking initiative positions the bank for growth, reaffirms their commitment to industry leadership, and equips them with a competitive edge in harnessing the metaverse’s potential, which has the capacity to revolutionize the banking industry.

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