Redesigning UX to drive loyalty 


Improving the e-commerce experience

With social media and interactive digital platforms, user feedback can be gathered faster than ever before, and companies can now tap into first-hand insights from our most valuable assets – our customers. Conversational marketing allows us to connect and interact with end users to understand their needs and meet their product expectations. It is an opportunity for us to make our offers more personalized, actionable, and convertible, ensuring we stay ahead of competitors. 


The Client

Espace Plaisir is an e-tailer specializing in the sale of adult products.  

This ‘adults only’ brand has set out to overhaul its image and move away from traditional clichés by democratizing the market and making its products accessible to the masses. 

As a B2C online retailer, its main goal is to help the 21st century user better navigate its website as well as guide and assist them in finding the products they are looking for, with the greatest possible discretion and ease.   

Thus, in order to revamp its identity and highlight the uniqueness of the brand, but most importantly, to improve the user experience, Espace Plaisir set about redesigning its online platform. 


The Project

Customer-oriented solutions

At the time, Espace Plaisir’s online portal was not optimized for mobile, resulting in complex navigation, and consequently, negatively impacting online sales. 

The brand identified two major areas to work on: the website architecture itself and the user experience across all modules and webpages. An enhanced user experience is necessary for increasing customer loyalty.  

Espace Plaisir also wanted to showcase its products in an innovative way to generate trust both in terms of the actual products, and in the online platform. Last but not least, they wanted to start a conversation with its user community. 

Bringing together all the different aspects of this project (strategy, image, and functionality), our priority was the end user. We started by analyzing the types of users on the existing platform to redefine user needs and optimize user experience for the new platform. 

We reached out to Espace Plaisir’s customers to assess website usability and identify where the UX became degraded. Digital marketing consultants from Mantu brand Pixel Alliance then analyzed customer behavior data from multiple sources. 

As a result, a mobile-first approach was adopted. Today, mobiles and tablets represent an increasing share of online traffic, with 57.84% of global internet traffic coming from mobile devices.  

We also revisited the brand’s digital identity, getting inspiration from the luxury and fashion sectors. The aim was to create a more disruptive visual identity that would set Espace Plaisir apart from its competitors.


Impacts of effective partnerships

Espace Plaisir now boasts a modern and intuitive design that showcases their revitalized brand image. 

Moreover, the new site structure and mobile-optimized UX/UI radically improve site usability and simplify navigation, resulting in an enhanced customer journey.​ 

The upgraded online purchasing funnel enables Espace Plaisir to benefit from higher conversion rates and attain higher monthly sales.  

“We reached out to the Mantu brand platform to enhance our user experience and create a conversation between our clients. Our website’s UX/UI was also aging. 

Our site wasn’t built as mobile responsive, but most of our traffic was going through mobile. We also wanted to re-define our website’s product page, home page and categories. 

We worked closely with Mantu brands Amaris Consulting and Pixel Alliance. Our experts proved our agility and availability throughout the project. The overall result was very satisfying as our e-commerce boutique was generally enhanced, and UX/UI and design received a great boost. 

We decided to continue the collaboration with a conversion path re-design, which increased our conversion rates. In the end, we moved up on SEO ranking!” 

Maxime Blin, CEO & Co-Founder, Belisoft SA 

Key results

  • New brand identity 
  • Boost in customer loyalty 
  • Conversational tool for customers 
  • Customer-centric & mobile-first solution 
  • Upgrade in customer experience 

About our Digital Marketing & Experience practice

Through our holistic Digital Marketing & Experience practice, Mantu brands provide strategic, development, and implementation services, from building a purpose-driven brand to creating unique digital experiences to connect with your customers. 

The brands that made it happen

Amaris Consulting

Amaris Consulting is an independent technology consulting firm providing guidance and solutions to businesses. These experts engage with four business lines: IS & Digital, Telecom, Life Sciences, and Engineering.

Pixel Alliance

Pixel Alliance is a young collective of creatives, developers, and digital experts. These design specialists create holistic digital strategies and build bridges between the physical world and the virtual world.

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