Optimizing metastatic breast cancer treatment pathways


The client, a global healthcare company, sought to identify the most effective and cost-efficient treatment sequences for metastatic breast cancer. The challenge was not only clinical but also economic, ensuring that treatments not only extended and improved the quality of life but also remained financially viable for healthcare systems. Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, took up the challenge, aiming to develop a comprehensive cost-consequence sequencing model.


Amaris specialists undertook a targeted literature review, identifying optimal treatment sequences for metastatic breast cancer. With evaluating parameters like life years, quality-adjusted life years, disease-associated costs, and chemotherapy avoidance, Amaris crafted a model to guide healthcare professionals.

The Mantu brand’s findings indicated that introducing the client’s drug early in treatment enhanced patient life expectancy and quality. During the reporting phase, Amaris created an accessible guide and technical report, spotlighting data gaps and model uncertainties, invaluable for stakeholders to refine future research.

Client benefits

Amaris’ endeavor offered pivotal insights into the economic and clinical dimensions of treating metastatic breast cancer. The brand’s research equipped healthcare decision-makers with tools to optimize treatment pathways, and the client gained clarity on which line of treatment their drug could be most beneficial. Amaris’ model and recommendations not only promise better patient outcomes but also foster more informed resource allocation within the healthcare sector.

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