Banking evolution: developing a seamless omnichannel


The client is ranked among Vietnam’s top five banks and is renowned for their cutting-edge technological banking applications. They aspired to develop an entirely new omnichannel to improve their banking services, aiming for a seamless integration across multiple platforms.


Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, transformed the client’s core banking system into a specialized omnichannel. The brand’s multidisciplinary team integrated the latest technologies across both web and mobile platforms, all while maintaining the integrity of existing services and ensuring top-tier security and user experience. Amaris also developed a new system to facilitate e-payments and e-invoices, tackled intricate big data migration challenges, and met strict requirements for integrating specialized banking operations with technological systems.

Client benefits

The client saw significant time and costs savings, along with an enhancement in project quality. The Amaris team provided React Native mobile platform development expertise and leveraged Java and .NET for the development of web services platform and the omnichannel. By collaborating with Amaris, the client successfully launched a state-of-the-art omnichannel, elevating their customer experience and solidifying their position as a technological leader in Vietnam’s banking sector.

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