Revolutionizing clinical study reports with AI


The conventional drafting of Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) poses significant challenges for pharmaceutical laboratories, consuming valuable time and resources and often leading to delays and errors. Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, has addressed these issues by introducing a cutting-edge AI-powered biostatistics tool.


Amaris Consulting’s innovative solution harnesses the capabilities of natural language generation, automating the creation of comprehensive human-like text for CSRs. This frees up medical writers from manual drafting: substantially reducing writing time while maintaining scientific accuracy and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Client benefits

Amaris Consulting’s biostatistics tool is transforming medical writing, allowing professionals to allocate more time to high-impact tasks. By standardizing CSR content, its solution ensures consistency and quality across various therapeutic domains.

This is particularly vital for therapies like vaccines, oncology, and diabetes treatments as it accelerates the research-to-market journey. Pharmaceutical labs benefit from accelerated timelines, potentially expediting patients’ access to life-enhancing treatments. Amaris’ dedicated team is overseeing rigorous testing, bug tracking, and project monitoring, guaranteeing the seamless execution of clinical trials.

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