Social media listening: reaching new understanding


An international pharmaceutical company embarked on a project to discover the unmet needs and challenges faced by individuals with tardive dyskinesia (TD), a movement disorder. The absence of insight regarding the difficulties faced by those with TD impeded the development of effective care strategies.


The multidisciplinary team of Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, started by meticulously reviewing the project’s protocol and ensuring compliance with ethical standards. Diverse online data from patients and caregivers was meticulously collected and anonymized across multiple languages, including English (87%) Japanese, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian, Korean, and Mandarin.

Leveraging social networks like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, and medical patient forums, Amaris employed advanced techniques including topic modeling, sentiment analysis, and data visualization.


This diligent approach yielded rich insights. The most prevalent daily challenges reported by patients with confirmed or suspected TD were directly linked to TD itself (40%). Other salient concerns included negative emotions (32%), social stigma (16%), and mental effects (10%). Amaris’ findings unveiled the profound impact of TD on patients’ lives, offering invaluable perspectives into the disease burden.

Client benefits

Amaris’ groundbreaking use of social media listening as an unprompted research tool enhanced comprehension of patient experiences. Leveraging these insights, the brand devised strategic recommendations for an international pharmaceutical company’s assets, rooted in the patient and caregiver viewpoint. Armed with this knowledge, the client can make informed, patient-centric decisions, ushering in improved solutions and ultimately revolutionizing patient care in the realm of tardive dyskinesia.

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