Fuelling collaboration and innovation


Navigating the intricate challenges of today’s business landscape, a global sporting goods giant recognized that no single organization could hold every answer. Consequently, it identified the need to explore external expertise for many of its specialized projects.


Since 2019, LittleBig Connection, a Mantu brand, has fostered a partnership with the sporting goods retailer, providing it with a consistent stream of top-tier engineering, tech, and project management consultants.

The skilled consultants sourced through LittleBig Connection’s marketplace play a pivotal role in bringing the sporting good giant’s cutting-edge tech projects to life.  

In addition to delivering specialized expertise, LittleBig Connection offers an innovative platform that streamlines supplier cycle tasks. This platform manages the processes of contracting, tracking, invoicing, and reporting for the freelancers the sporting goods company engages outside of LittleBig Connection.

Client benefits

In 2022 and 2023, LittleBig Connection introduced 180 experts to the sporting goods retailer and streamlined supplier cycle tasks for 1,000 consultants. This synergy has enabled LittleBig Connection’s partner to realize ambitious goals, strengthening its commitment to innovation and excellence in its domain. 

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