Strengthening financial frontiers


A French banking, financial services and insurance group sought expert guidance to address their escalating cybersecurity concerns. The primary goal was to establish a robust system for security monitoring and incidence response, capable of safeguarding their extensive digital assets.


 Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, provided the client with a team of cybersecurity specialists to arrange comprehensive security monitoring and incident response services. Amaris’ experts led in-depth investigations into attempted security breaches and prepared coordinated responses to any potential cyber-attacks that could jeopardize the client’s assets. In addition, the Mantu brand engaged in proactive threat-hunting activities and were responsible for the ongoing development, operation and enhancement of security protocols, monitoring systems, and incident response processes.

Client benefits

The client benefited from Amaris Consulting’s proactive vulnerability management approach, which prioritized risks based on exploitability and criticality, complete with tailored remediation plans. Amaris’ cybersecurity solution also included data leak detection mechanisms, clearly defining incident handling procedures for issues such as data leakage and typo squatting, and a thorough assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities in the client’s existing cybersecurity infrastructure.

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