Marketing mastery: A-DERMA’s First Steps campaign

A-DERMA, a flagship Pierre Fabre dermo-cosmetic brand, is recognized in France as one of the premier choices for baby and infant skincare. To maintain its standing in the baby skincare market, the brand sought deeper engagement with its core audience of expectant and new mothers, aspiring to be a trusted ally every step of the way.  

An innovative approach to marketing

A-DERMA, in collaboration with Mantu brand Arneo, launched the ‘First Steps’ email marketing campaign. Specifically curated for mothers from their sixth month of pregnancy through to their child’s fifth month, this initiative dispatches monthly email newsletters brimming with information tailored to their journey.   

Arneo collaborated with experienced nurses and midwives to offer guidance from pregnancy through postnatal stages, including nuanced insight into baby development and maternal well-being.  

Arneo’s role in the marketing campaign was holistic: from ideation and strategy development to content creation and visual design. Additionally, it spearheaded the media strategy, which saw the facilitation of a partnership between A-DERMA and La Boîte Rose, a respected platform in France for expectant and new parents. This partnership amplified the visibility of the First Steps email campaign, inspiring a greater number of women to subscribe.  

The First Steps email campaign resonated deeply with its audience and will continue doing so in years to come. Although updates will be made annually to reflect new A-DERMA products, offers, and evolving insights into baby development, newborn and maternal care, the core of the newsletter series is designed for longevity. While Arneo will ensure its content remains fresh and distinctive, its foundational structure is set for sustained success.  

In a short span of just five months, the First Steps marketing campaign has seen a strong response with over 1440 people choosing to subscribe. This enthusiastic participation marks a promising start for the initiative.   

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