Pioneering automotive emission reduction in Singapore


Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, collaborated with a global leader in automotive technology to develop a cutting-edge solution that reduces automotive emissions in Singapore. The client is intent on enhancing their exhaust after-treatment systems to ensure they are at the forefront of technology and connected to real-time data.


One of the main challenges was to ensure precise alignment between sensors and a wide range of vehicle specifications. Amaris Consulting led a comprehensive four-step project which included sourcing vehicle spare parts, equipping various vehicle types with emission-reducing technology, providing detailed reports and inventory management, and revitalizing the fleet through vehicle inspections, system upgrades and predictive maintenance. Amaris Consulting also fostered collaboration between the client and the National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore.  

The advanced emission reduction technology Amaris Consulting developed has been implemented in seven vehicle types, equipped with real-time data-collecting sensors.  

Client benefits

Amaris Consulting’s support not only contributed to a reduction in automotive emissions, a significant contributor to regional air pollution, but also strengthened the automotive technology company’s dominant market position, securing a 25% share globally.  

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