Transforming procurement with agile solutions


An insurance company faced the complex challenge of modernizing their intellectual services procurement and management, specifically within the scope of unitary technical assistance. Amidst rapid growth in the intellectual services sector, the company struggled to source the necessary skills and expertise from their existing supplier network. They needed to implement an agile digital solution that would allow them to manage their purchases and digitalize their workflows. The insurance company was also seeking a centralized solution for their reporting needs.


LittleBig Connection, a Mantu brand, stepped in with a holistic approach, establishing a shared management system that involved both the client’s steering and project committees, as well as a multidisciplinary team. The Mantu brand expanded the panel to include LittleBig Connection’s extensive community, featuring experts from various regions. Moreover, they optimized contract management through collaboration with small specialized suppliers.

Client benefits

The complete solution, from sourcing to service management, was rolled out in just three months across six departments. This markedly improved the user experience at every stage, from issuing requests for proposals (RFP) to allocating services.

By adopting LittleBig Connection’s comprehensive solution, the client surpassed their goals and gained a competitive edge in an increasingly challenging market. LittleBig Connection’s strategy was designed to simplify the complexities of modern procurement, enabling the insurance company to achieve unparalleled success in a highly competitive landscape.

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