Enriching visitor engagement with interactive installations


Merck sought to revolutionize visitor engagement at their iconic Darmstadt, Germany campus, requiring an immersive solution to replace traditional static exhibits.


The expertise of Novelab, a Mantu brand, materialized in the development of Merck Curiosity, employing Deep Space Ars Electronica to create captivating interactive experiences. The 75m2 screens projected stereoscopic 8K images, while laser-based tracking detected participant movement, enhancing engagement.

Client benefits

Novelab’s interactive installations have enhanced Merck’s campus, offering a dynamic alternative to conventional exhibits. Through immersive interactions, Merck Curiosity educates visitors about scientific endeavors, fostering profound understanding. The project has elevated Merck’s profile, positioning them as a hub for immersive educational experiences and showcasing Novelab’s prowess in creating technology-driven engagement.

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