Revitalizing Sonos’ EMEA website experience


Sonos, an American developer and manufacturer of audio products, was keen to improve its website to better reflect the brand’s presence in the EMEA market. It wanted more than just a surface-level update; it was looking for a comprehensive technological overhaul, aimed at mirroring Sonos’ premium positioning while streamlining access to its full range of products. 


Our digital agency began this project by meticulously reviewing Sonos’ existing graphical assets, design system, and its website’s technological landscape. It then set in place a multifaceted technical overhaul.  

The digital agency used the front-end NuxtJS framework to give the site a dynamic, responsive makeover with emphasis on micro-interactions, scrolling animations, and full-width pictures. 

Strapi, a data-centric content management system, was employed to grant Sonos complete control over content editing, preserving both creativity and performance. Alongside this, the digital agency integrated localization software within the system to facilitate content’s adaptation into diverse alphabets and reading directions. Together, these features enabled the seamless integration of all content related to Sonos’ products and provided the means for automatic translation into seven different languages.  

Working closely with the site’s distributors in various countries, including Czech Republic, Greece, Israel, and Romania,the digital agency capitalized on the site distributor’s connections to local proofreaders to ensure error-free translations. 

Client benefits

Our digital agency’s technical expertise was key in providing Sonos’ clients with an optimal UX/UI website experience – and the site is now more relevant than ever to the EMEA market. The newly re-designed platform takes three times less time to fix bugs and now has a 99% runtime guarantee.  Moreover, our digital agency’s proprietary DevOps and CI/CD foundation cut the development and deployment time down to just three months.

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