Streamlined procurement excellence


Faurecia, a renowned automotive leader, encountered some challenges in streamlining its procurement processes, a situation that could mildly impact efficiency and strategic decision-making. The lack of a specialized procurement tool sometimes resulted in less streamlined workflows, leading to the potential for extended timelines and the need for enhanced data management.


The innovative digital solution of LittleBig Connection, a Mantu brand, emerged as a transformative force across 10 countries and 70 locations, centralizing data and enhancing global reporting. Faurecia’s procurement gained newfound simplicity, standardization, and agility. 

Client benefits

The impact was profound, resulting in a significant 9% reduction in daily rates post-implementation—a tangible triumph in cost management. By supplanting outdated practices, LittleBig Connection’s solution orchestrated a paradigm shift in Faurecia’s procurement process. 

The benefits include real-time insights, streamlined supplier management, and simplified workflows, amongst others. Faurecia now thrives with streamlined operations, saving substantial time (up to four days monthly), amplifying efficiency, curbing data vulnerabilities, and enabling well-informed decisions. 

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