Becoming a purpose-driven healthcare leader

Amidst a period characterized by increasing social and sustainability concerns, businesses are at the forefront of embracing meaningful purpose. Leading this charge is Ramsay Santé, a private European hospitalization and primary care leader. Discover how Mantu brand WEMEAN, supported Ramsay Santé in becoming a purpose-driven organization.

Healing with purpose: Ramsay Santé’s strategic transformation

In 2021, Ramsay Santé made a significant decision to embed its purpose directly into its bylaws: “To improve health through continuous innovation.” Building upon this commitment, in 2022, the company sought to become a purpose-driven organization. Its goal was to combine profitability with an authentic, practical, and inspiring purpose that would make a positive impact on the world.

To achieve this, Ramsay Santé turned to WEMEAN.

WEMEAN played a pivotal role in facilitating Ramsay Santé’s transition. They offered crucial support in formulating the company’s social and environmental objectives. Through a collaborative approach involving semi-structured interviews, consultations, and workshops, these objectives were carefully developed.

A comprehensive report was then prepared, outlining Ramsay Santé’s social and environmental goals. The report was presented to the Board of Directors and General Assembly for review, with the aim of integrating these objectives into the Group’s bylaws and establishing an independent committee dedicated to their implementation.

Emblematic measures will be put into effect to give concrete expression to Ramsay Santé’s purpose, and the effectiveness of these actions will be monitored through key proof indicators (Proof of Purpose®).

The results of this collaboration were successful. Purpose now lies at the core of the client’s operations, activities, and governance. This has enabled Ramsay Santé to achieve significant positive impact and has been better able to attract top talent, all while maintaining robust profitability and competitiveness in the market.

WEMEAN continues to actively support Ramsay Santé in implementing its mission across all its entities. Additionally, WEMEAN is closely collaborating with Ramsay Santé to ensure effective communication of its transformation to the public. This communication effort is aligned with its new societal objectives and commitments.

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As Ramsay Santé progresses in fulfilling its mission across all branches, they highlight the broader necessity for businesses to adopt a this type of approach. Addressing sustainability and social concerns allows companies to emerge as industry leaders and advocates of positive global impact.

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