Elegance and exclusivity: a spectacular Revibe event

Press and VIP events serve as a critical bridge between luxury brands and their most valued stakeholders. For the press, these are opportunities to experience brands’ offerings firsthand, creating authentic and compelling stories for their audiences. For VIPs, these events are an immersive experience that deepens their connection with brands. These exclusive events can become the epicenter of buzz and excitement, generating content that reaches far beyond the attendees.

Seeking inspiration on how to execute these types of experiences successfully? Read on to discover how Mantu brand Revibe Events masterfully orchestrated a press and VIP event for a world renowned luxury watchmaker.

Precision meets prestige: a memorable event

Set in the vicinity of Geneva, close to the brand’s headquarters, the event provided a rare glimpse into the intricate world of watch manufacturing. The watchmaker opened the doors of their manufacturing site, an area usually hidden from public view, where each timepiece is meticulously hand-built. This initiative offered a unique opportunity for guests to discover the environment where these luxurious watches come to life.

The highlight of the evening was a tour of the manufacturer, where VIPs and press members witnessed first-hand the meticulous process of watch assembly. This was followed by a series of elegant festivities, including a specially curated dinner, molecular cocktails, and live music.

The dinner, prepared by a renowned chef, was complemented by a jazz ensemble, elevating the ambiance of the evening.

Adding to the grandeur, Revibe arranged a stunning outdoor show, featuring a renowned aerial artist.This performance not only added a touch of awe to the evening but also served as a spectacular backdrop for social media shares and press coverage.

Aerial artistry

The event was more than just an exhibition of fine watchmaking. It was an embodiment of the luxury lifestyle that the brand represents. The client expressed immense satisfaction with the outcome of the event, highlighting its success in garnering significant media attention and buzz on social media platforms. It proved to be not just a celebration of craftsmanship but also a strategic marketing triumph, showcasing the watchmaker’s commitment to excellence and luxury.

As the night concluded, the attendees left with a deeper appreciation for the art of watchmaking and the lavish world that surrounds it.

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