Centralizing IT support to drive efficiency

A global manufacturer and supplier of dog and cat food was facing substantial challenges with its onsite IT support in its Southeast Asia offices. Its support structure was decentralized, with each country in the region operating through separate vendors. This lack of centralized management led to significant issues in budget control, operational visibility, and service quality.

Navigating the IT support maze

Recognizing these challenges, the manufacturer and supplier engaged Amaris Consulting, a Mantu brand, to overhaul its IT support structure for its many offices in Southeast Asia. The primary objective was to centralize IT support, thus streamlining operations across the region.

Amaris Consulting’s IT support strategy was multifaceted. It involved setting up strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to monitor performance and ensure all on-site activities were under supervision. Key performance indicators, including average turnaround time, ticket resolution rate, and the accuracy of the support team’s knowledge base, were established to measure success.

Enhancing the capabilities of the client’s staff was another key focus for Amaris’ consultants. They rolled out IT training programs, tailored to equip teams with the essential skills needed for managing the newly centralized support system efficiently. Additionally, recognizing the diverse regional context, Amaris provided specialized English language courses for managers. This initiative was crucial in strengthening communication skills, ensuring effective collaboration across the company’s varied regional teams.

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Centralizing the company’s IT system yielded significant improvements. Not only were operations streamlined across the region, but better budget management was achieved and a culture of continuous improvement was ingrained. Additionally, the company gained better visibility into its on-site IT support activities, allowing for more effective control and management.

This case highlights the importance of a structured, centralized approach in managing IT support systems. Through strategic restructuring and targeted training, organizations can achieve improved operational efficiency, budget control, and service quality, reinforcing their competitive edge in the market.

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