Leveraging Data to Optimize Digital Marketing Strategy and Sales

Implementing a global data strategy

How Mantu supports a leading retailer in data and digital transformation through intelligent forecasting, customer engagement and position-affirming R&D

Our client was using minimal data to inform marketing decisions, but their goal was to become a data-driven company across every department.

Our client, one of the most innovative player on its market,  did not have a structure in place to undertake a data-based transformation, but they understood that it is crucial to have a concrete vision and expert direction on how to achieve this transformation.


A global data strategy is a must-have to ensure that the right people can access the right information at the right time.

Without a comprehensive data strategy, organizations are unable to identify, recall, and use data. This means that teams and departments cannot make robust, data-driven decisions in a timely manner.

As well as informing decision-making, data can be used to better understand customers and trends and provide optimized services and products. Data can be used to streamline internal operations and has the potential to generate cost savings and improved revenue generation.

Developing a global data strategy

Our client’s end goal is to boost customer loyalty by delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Leveraging the power of data would allow our client to:

  • Understand online customer journeys
  • Understand customer perception of the brand and its products
  • Anticipate new market trends to inform business strategy
  • Identify and proactively address potential brand or product issue
  • Benchmark competitor communication strategies

Mission shaping and addressing challenges

Our consultants worked closely with our client to create a vision and roadmap for this transformation.

  • We helped our client to define its strategy as well as executing technical implementation
  • Our team of data specialists helped recover legacy data while producing strategic recommendations on how to use future data
  • Creating a ‘data cockpit’ while ensuring access for different teams across the client’s business
  • We regularly assessed the client’s digital presence to produce consolidated performance reports
  • We implemented the tools needed to accurately forecast as well as embedding customer and sales analytics


Our client’s needs in intelligent forecasting, customer journey improvement, and market positioning were addressed:

  1. The right objectives for data use were defined
  2. Data governance to optimize data usage was set up
  3. The data platform was created as a global hub connected to all departments

Using a customer journey and behavior study to understand our client’s customers, our consultants identified pain points and modified our client’s e-commerce site accordingly. This effectively optimized the customer funnel and will ultimately grow sales.

Reaffirming our client’s position on the market was a key objective. Having conducted studies using sentiment analysis, NLP technologies, a press study, and competitor analysis, we then produced market positioning strategy recommendations. We approached our client’s market positioning with a particular focus on R&D: using the latest technologies, we enabled our client to capture a global understanding of its brand perception.

Our social media intelligence capabilities played a key role in customer studies; listening to social media reports facilitated strategic recommendations for improvement.

Project steps

Boosting loyalty through data

Our client’s initial aim was to provide an enhanced experience for its customers, ultimately improving customer loyalty.

Thanks to Amaris Consulting‘s expert input, our client achieved success in several areas. 

  • Trend spotting: the detection of ‘weak signals’ in customer or market direction
  • Detection of new customer segments and a focus on customer retention
  • Improved customer service via better segment comprehension
  • Increased customer loyalty thanks to an enhanced experience
  • Boosted sales resulting from better customer understanding and targeting
  • Teams trained to use the data analytics hub for analyses of customer web activity and engagement

Our consultants created a customer data hub to boost retention and measure the impact of brand campaigns. This was done with the eventual aim of embedding a product recommendation system using the data gathered and processed via the hub.

Key results

Optimized customer funnel

Understand, protect, and upgrade the brand’s reputation

Use of social insights to strengthen product development

Gaps identified between internal & customer brand perception

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