Revolutionizing online luxury automotive retail 

In luxury car retail, innovation is not just welcomed: it’s essential. Read on to discover how Novelab, a Mantu brand, enhanced the digital strategy for an Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer by developing an immersive automotive virtual showroom experience.  

A new era of automotive retail  

The collaboration between the luxury vehicle manufacturer and Novelab culminated in the development of a new online platform tailored for luxury automotive retail. This platform features a multi-room showroom that is compatible with a range of devices, broadening its accessibility. 

In today’s market, developing an accessible and user-optimized digital platform is crucial, as a growing number of consumers show a preference for online transactions. This holds true for the transportation industry as well: recent studies indicate that 60% of consumers are now inclined to manage their entire car purchasing journey online. 

Through the vehicle manufacturer’s new online platform, users can delve into the car manufacturer’s history and latest offerings.

The showroom initiative is designed to enhance the client’s image as a forward-thinking brand and to improve the online shopping experience by integrating customer interactions with the sales journey in a more straightforward manner.

Bringing automotive showroom dynamics online 

The virtual showroom is more than a digital space; it’s a journey into the heart of the brand’s spirit and craftsmanship. Customers can navigate through various ‘rooms’, each one a portal to the brand’s soul, exploring the details of a specific carline and exclusive capsule collections.  

This experience is augmented by the integration of the brand’s CRM systems, including Salesforce, which personalizes the consumer’s path from interest to purchase. This technology integration aims to streamline the buying experience. 

Aligning with the digital age 

This initiative is a response to evolving consumer behaviors and the growing importance of having an impressionable digital presence. The platform is designed to make the brand’s offerings easily accessible in a digital format. With the introduction of this virtual showroom, the Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer is keeping pace with current online retail trends. 

As the digital world continues to grow and reshape the way we interact with brands, this virtual showroom  is a symbol of progress. For customers and car enthusiasts alike, the virtual showroom is not just a glimpse into the future of car retail – it’s a bold step into a domain of luxury, accessibility, and engagement. 

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