Transforming and Implementing a Sales & Demonstration Tool

Developing a cutting-edge sales and demonstration tool

How Mantu supports a leading electronics group in transforming its sales and demonstration tool

Our client

Our client is an electronics group specializing in aerospace, defense, security and ground transportation.

A worldwide electronics group specializing in aerospace, defense, security, and ground transportation, our client plays a key role in vital infrastructure and national security around the world.


To continue exceeding its clients’ expectations, our client  wanted to develop an enhanced digital sales tool to demonstrate financial transaction solutions for the banking sector.

A move towards a globalized sales tool

Our client developed their own demonstration tool for financial services between entities which responded at the time to a real need for their clients, until an external technological acquisition created a consequent need for a security upgrade.

Amaris Consulting, part of the Mantu brand platform, was engaged to maintain and develop an application for IOS and Android, enabling the secure transfer of funds using the latest technology and security features, as well as embedding options for customization.  

A project that held different challenges

A significant review and upgrade of digital security was necessary to ensure the technical environment of the demonstration tool met our client’s security requirements.

As well as hosting the solution and bringing its user experience in line with best practices, Amaris Consulting consultants unified the technology from two different web servers. They also had to recode and homogenize all data to allow for standardized resource allocation and optimization.

The tool’s user base was around 3,000 people; ensuring our client and their financial services clients got the best experience possible was our consultants’ goal.

Project steps


Our clients’ initial investment has resulted in a powerful tool that is now used globally. The mobile application and web portal allow our client to showcase their technology more effectively and are available across the mobile ecosystem on IOS and Android platforms.

The improvements made to the UX/UI facilitates an enhanced user experience delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Amaris Consulting provides premium help desk services on our client’s behalf. They were able to reduce costs for maintenance, ticketing, and customer care, enabling them to focus investment on high value tasks.

Amaris Consultings customer-centric values and industry expertise ensures to our clients that each and every user request is being handled satisfactorily.

Key results

Enhanced demonstration & sales tool used worldwide

Enhanced client experience

Seamless navigation boosting adoption

Predictive maintenance

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