Agile solutions for regional team integration


The client, a French global banking leader, urgently needed to recruit a project manager to support their regional units. The objective was to recruit a product manager specializing in B2B payment systems that had ample experience in agile environments. The role involved managing acquisitions, unique offers targeting businesses, banking automation, and credit card payments.


LittleBig Connection, a Mantu brand, efficiently tackled the challenge, presenting the banking company with a selection of strong candidates within just 14 days. One exceptional candidate was chosen, showcasing the speed and precision of LittleBig Connection’s approach in satisfying  the client’s requirements.

Client benefits

The selected project manager concentrated on key areas such as:

  • Project Leadership: Ensuring the relevance of solutions and overseeing their final acceptance.
  • Communication and Team Engagement: Spearheading change management and facilitating communication across teams.
  • Team Management: Employing agile methodologies and managing costs and timelines effectively.

By leveraging LittleBig Connection’s expertise, the client banking company streamlined their recruitment process, successfully acquiring the right person to steer their expansion and maintain their competitive edge.

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