Transforming Security and Upgrading Customer Satisfaction through UX Design

Delivering enhanced customer experience

How Mantu supports Securitas in improving protection outside its clients’ homes through UX design

Our client

Securitas is a security player offering integrated security solutions with technology to protect people, property and business premises.

Launching a transformation

The Guardian Service protects you wherever you are to face any emergency.

My Verisure is an app released by Securitas Direct to handle your home or Business security no matter where you are in an easier way.

Guardian is a service within the My Verisure app.

Securitas wanted to improve customer satisfaction and provide clients with additional layers of security for their homes. To achieve this, they needed to upgrade the UX design and interface of their security application.


Using customer-centric design and design thinking, we focused on the service interface while observing Securitas’ branding and style.

To ensure the application exceeded customer expectations, we carried out testing among five different user profiles. We then developed a prototype based on the outcomes of this user testing.


Amaris UX team, together with Securitas Direct, worked on the new Guardian service design integrated in the app My Verisure.

Project steps


The new service brought more than 95,000 active users to the app and supported users throughout 15,000 emergency requests.

 The “Accompany” functionality has been used more than 1 million times, 30, 000 of them were considered as “risky journeys”.

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